Take Care of Home Base Versus Fighting the System

by Ryan Biddulph

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Opening your mind quickly reveals the system is designed to keep you dumb, sick and broke. One simple scan of a medical bill, the news or most politician’s promises quickly demonstrates that living in “The Matrix” is not movie-fiction but reality.  Instead of fighting the system, just take care of home base to leave the matrix and to inspire others to liberate themselves in this fashion.

 I observed a few situations recently clearly demonstrating that the system preys on fear. Mostly, people fear running out of money and getting sick. Knowing this, a few people with great worldly wealth and the illusion of worldly power take advantage of mass fear and use it against people who don't take care of home base. This group of easily manipulated people includes most of the general public. It's sad, but it's very true and quite easy to see for people with a heightened level of awareness.

Care for Home Base

 Take care of home base. Don't fight the system because fighting the system proves that you are predominantly afraid. Give virtually all of your attention and energy to expanding your awareness, facing your own fears and generously serving people. This is how to change the world one human being at the time from an energy of Love, abundance and harmony.

 Spend at least one to two hours daily managing your energy. Do whatever works for you. Consider meditating, exercising, doing yoga and perhaps praying to expand your awareness and to maintain a stable, peaceful vibe. Quite quickly, as you become aware of the world and how it is designed, you learn not to fight the system but to simply live from an energy of Love, service and knowing that humanity will evolve out of our current semi-primordial, fear-driven state.

 We are likely well behind virtually all other sentient beings in an almost unlimited Universe because we live predominantly from an energy of fear. Managing your energy unearths your fears so you can face, feel and release these energies. Proceeding from a more fearless, loving energy helps you to change the world for the better. But you will be doing it not from force and fear but power and love.

The News Flows from Within

 All newsworthy items originate and end in your heart. Accept this basic truth. Knowing this, you can turn off the news for good. Ditto for placing all of your hopes, dreams and desires in the hands of politicians who make lofty promises. Even the most heart-centered politicians can't live up to every promise because the system is rigged on politicians using fear to manipulate you to vote for them.

Without you, every politician is useless because they lose their power the moment people realize that the individual charts their course. Think about the political system for just a moment to understand that the people have all the power in the world. The government serves its purpose of course but taking care of home base by managing your mind reveals that you choose your course in life, independent of anything or anyone.

Exercise and Nutrition

 Exercising daily and eating a balanced, nutritious diet is the best medicine for staying healthy. Western medicine has its place but we largely are self-healing, healthy beings who operate perfectly if you take care of your body and mind.

 Unfortunately, the system is rigged to scare you into believing that you can and will get terribly sick at any time. Sky high medical costs, a powerful pharma lobby and a general heavy dependence on health care grow based on mass fear. But the moment you decide to take control of your mind and body, pharma loses its power over you.

Even though we know the system is rigged it makes no sense to fight illusions. This proves to be as effective as trying to punch a ghost. Focus on yourself. Manage your energy by following a daily ritual. We will all change the system until it no longer exists but only by becoming intimately aware of our own fears, upon which the system thrives.

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Ryan Biddulph

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