Remember Why You Work

by Ryan Biddulph

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Check out the featured image for this post.

That is me from my trip to Doha, Qatar 3 years ago. Talk about fun. Talk about freedom. Eye-opening, too. I had never spent time in a Muslim country for more than a few hours during an airport layover. Being in Doha for a month introduced me to a fascinating, interesting, flat out cool, new world. We travel to access different experiences. Doha was different in a good way.

Long sleeved shirts, pants, calls to prayer for devout Muslims at 5 AM, and throughout the day…..super malls with skating rinks (and hockey leagues), mini amusement parks, Venice-themed canals and gondolas (yes; inside of the mall), more super cars than you’d ever dream of……Doha and Qatar were so much fun, and freeing, for me and my wife. Freeing because even though we are open-minded globe-trotters, Western perceptions of Islam dissolved into love, acceptance and respect for a different way of living than our way of life here in the US.

I work to have fun freeing myself and to have fun freeing my readers. I do not blog until midnight to torture myself, to survive, or to just get by. I blog for fun, freedom, fulfillment, self-expression and to offer readers a fun, freeing alternative to anyone bound and depressed.


Never forget why you do what you do. Observe your job. Why work it? Do you enjoy working your job? If yes, carry on. If no, keep working the job if you need it temporarily to pay bills but begin now to design your exit plan. Research jobs you feel passionate about. Research businesses you feel passionate about. Spend 10 to 20 to 30 hours doing due diligence. Then pull the trigger. Life is a blur. Each day is 1 more day of life – from birth – but 1 less day of life (toward death). Make it count. Do something you love. Work for freedom, fun and fulfillment. 

Do you want to know the cool part of following your passion plus following sound business principles? Money comes. Working a business you feel passionate about cultivates qualities like being generous, patient, persistent and trusting. All qualities precede a full time, professional business career in that niche. But fun, freedom and fulfillment need to be your drivers.

Money and/or Popularity?

Every blogger I’ve met who blogged mainly for money fails 100% of the time because working for some specific outcome guarantees failure. New bloggers and even intermediate bloggers have little to no skills, exposure or credibility. Profits flow in ONLY BECAUSE you have skills, exposure and credibility. Ditto for fame. Popularity and money flow to generous, trusting, compassionate servants who dedicate years to some business craft.

As for employees, promotions and profits follow generous workers who go the extra mile for days, weeks, months and years. Going the extra mile requires you to love your job. Do what you love, see the money as extra and you will free yourself to genuinely enjoy life.

Life is a blur.

You may as well love it before you leave it.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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