How Powerful Is Your Mental Muscle?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Did you know that your mind is similar to a muscle? Few people realize this. Folks build up their bodies through exercise but never pay much attention to their mind. You and I see the results. People get tossed around by circumstances because they have little mind power. But strengthening your mental muscle helps you hold your dreams in the face of any tough circumstances.

 I go within regularly. Whether meditating or doing yoga. I strengthen my mental muscle on a daily basis. Following this habit has improved my life because your experience follows your thoughts and feelings. Everything I say now makes sense, right? Why then do few people strengthen their mental muscle? Doing so forces you to face fear.  Ego prefers to make excuses. Taking responsibility for your thoughts and feelings is the key to freedom but accessing that key requires seeing yourself in the light of Truth. This is not a pleasant experience for most people because we have been living a lie of fear.

Work Out Within

 How strong is your mental muscle? Do you work it out daily? Or do you get caught up in a worldly life and rarely go within? As always, be honest with yourself. Be straight with yourself to better assess why you live how you live. Your body follows your mind. But strengthening your mind is the only way to get your body to do what you want it to do. Set aside at least 30 minutes daily to strengthen your mind. I prefer meditating and doing yoga. Do whatever works for you. 

Observe Your Body

Patiently sit in a quiet room to observe your thoughts and feelings. Go within. Focus on your body parts. How does your body feel? Tense? Tension signals fear repressed. Lengthen tense body parts to release suppressed fear and to allow energy to flow through your being. This is one of my favorite practices for strengthening your mind because releasing tension adds power to your mental state.

Hang with Strength

 Surround yourself with strong-minded individuals. Follow compassionate leaders. Befriend people who live from an energy of love. Lose everybody else. Being around weak-minded people only goads you to develop bad habits. Do you want to be weak-minded or strong-minded? Answer that question then surround yourself with strong-minded folks to head towards your dreams.

Develop Your Mind

 Ultimately, life becomes what you make it but developing a strong mind is the first step to walking this path. Think of your mind like a bicep or tricep. Even though it appears to be nothing it is palpable energy. Mind is powerful. Mind can do virtually anything but you need to release weakness and train for strength to make this full realization. I know you're up to it. 

Train your mind like you train your body. Cut your runs a little bit short and add 20 minutes of meditation time to your day. Sit to observe your thoughts as soon as you wake up. Quickly, you tend to see the results of a weak mind because I bet you racing thoughts syndrome cripples you on waking. I trained my mind for years and still experience a bit of racing thoughts here and there after I wake up. But I return to my meditation to strengthen my mind. I suggest you do the same to improve the quality of your life. 

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