Paradigm: The Power to Self Heal

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New scientific evidence shows proof of the self-healing powers of what is known as Epigenetics, a term coined by Dr. Bruce Lipton. A cell biologist and internationally recognized leader in bridging science with spirit, Dr. Bruce Lipton performed ground breaking research at Stanford Medical School that revealed a link between “biology” and “belief”. Dr. Bruce Lipton also received the GOI Peace Award (Japan) for his scientific contribution to world harmony. He is also the author of Biology of Belief, an Amazon best-selling book wherein he reveals his research in detail, proving the words of the late Earl Nightingale true:

You become what you think about.

– Earl Nightingale

What is a paradigm?

Your mental paradigm is where your attitude, beliefs, perception, reasoning, interests, tendencies, memories and more exist. Esoteric and religious belief systems refer to the paradigm as the spirit.

Everything about you is a result of your mental paradigm. Even your favorite color or the way you tie your shoes is all due to your mental paradigm. The power of the paradigm runs deep inside every person. When you sense a new idea from the outer world by one or more of your five senses, your paradigm will act like a Gate Guard, blocking any attempt to accept the new idea. Every idea or opinion from the outer world is judged automatically by your mental paradigm and if it does not come into agreement with any idea or opinion, your paradigm will form logical arguments as to why this or that is a bad idea, or it won't work, etc.

Many people don't understand why their lives have turned out to not be the same picture they perhaps held in their mind as a child. When I was in grade school, the teacher asked everyone what they wanted to be when they grow up. But, how many people attain the dream they held in their heart as a child?

Many times, adults become what their parents ordered them to become: Doctor, Lawyer, etc., and the child when he/she grows into an adult is living a lifestyle they are not happy with – and they don't know why! The reason they are not living the life they truly desire to live is because of the paradigm. The paradigm plus the environment is what equals your current reality. You may be wondering, “But, how do your beliefs have anything to do with your health?”

In an interview by Integrative Medicine Journal, Dr. Bruce Lipton remarks,

“…My work was simple. I had to identify a single stem cell and put it in a tissue culture dish by itself. The cells divide every ten to twelve hours. I started with one cell, and ten hours later there was two, and ten hours later there was four. Every ten hours it was doubling: 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. After a week, I had about fifty-thousand in the Petri dish. The most important insight is that all fifty-thousand cells were derived from the same parent. By definition, I have fifty-thousand genetically identical cells in my culture dish. I grow these cells in a what is called, culture medium, which is the laboratory version of blood.

Now, in the experiment that blew my mind, I created three slightly-different versions of culture medium, by changing some of the constituents. I put these three different Petri dishes in three different environments, but all the dishes had portions from the same culture of genetically identical cells in them. As a result, cells in environment (A) became muscle; environment (B), bone; environment (C), fat cells. The only difference between the cells was the chemistry of the culture medium. The conclusion was profoundly important. It is the environment (and not genes) that selects the genetic activity of the cell.”

You may be wondering, why is this article significant to my personal development?

My name is Jay Rhyder and I suffered 25+ years from Crohn's disease. I endured seven major surgeries and three near-death experiences, when all of a sudden the Crohn's disease stopped without the intervention of any doctor-prescribed medicines. After discovering Dr. Bruce Lipton's research, the way I healed myself began to make sense. When I heavily altered my paradigm, I literally altered my chemistry. I often say in my videos, “mind is movement; And, body is the manifestation of that movement.” When I changed what was inside me (paradigm, mind, etc.); My outer results had to follow.

In case you are unaware of what a paradigm is, you can think of it as an entity that contains your attitudes, beliefs, perception, emotional triggers, and literally everything about you that makes you up as an individual person. Your paradigm determines your own identity, both inner identity and outer. And, by altering it you can heal yourself from many mental and physical diseases. In the case of Crohn's disease, it was found to be psychosomatic and not found in my genes. Many lab tests over 25+ years proves my genes are perfect. So, where did the disease come from?

My paradigm.

Have you ever felt confused at the reality of not being able to achieve something that at first seemed easily achievable? Has that experience made you doubt yourself or make you feel inadequate? You may be dealing with a limiting belief system. Examine yourself and ask, “what beliefs did I grow up with that are not serving me in the achievement of my goals?” and “what ideas and beliefs are making me feel inadequate about my abilities?”

As previously mentioned earlier in this article, you become what you think about, or better said – You become what you believe!

Alter the paradigm; Alter your reality!

If you want to go deeper into understanding and altering your mental paradigm, I created a video (below) that outlines what a paradigm is and how to alter it!

But be warned: When you alter your mental paradigm, there is no going back. The changes you induce in yourself by altering your paradigm are permanent. So, make sure you have a plan for altering your paradigm.

About the Author 

Jay Rhyder

Jay Rhyder is the founder of Personalpowerpeople.com.

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