Do You Use Power Force or Something in Between?

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I watched a YouTube video a few moments ago.

One inspired, courageous, individual made awesome points regarding bringing truth to some narrative. But he spent a hefty chunk of the video fighting, debating and debunking likely liars. He used some power but too much force, wasting his precious energy and time, holding himself and people, back. Power is love and truth. Force is fear and illusion. 

Use power to feel good while serving people in the light of love. Use force to feel bad while fighting people in the name of fear. You choose. 

The individual holds an intent to uncover a closely held secret for much of the world. Generally, he gives attention and energy to honest people who share their truthful stories regarding the narrative. Power. Good. Truth builds. More folks know the truth. But sometimes, he fears how those who deny or hide the truth corrupt the entire process and he fights, debates and debunks those folks with force. Of course, like all of us who use force, we make life more difficult and shoot ourselves in the foot because force negates while power expands.


Do you use power, force or something in between? How do you live your life? Acting predominantly from intents-energies of love ensures you use power to expand collective happiness, peace, abundance and truth. Spiritual masters like Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi used power to enlighten humanity with love and truth. 

But most humans use force to reach some end because most humans vibe mainly from fear. Since you cannot get over what’s in you, fear drives you to negate yourself and to limit humanity with sadness, mental chaos, poverty and illusion. Simply observe how major media manipulates humanity with force, fear and illusion. 

Imagine creating a force-filled narrative of ordering people to distance themselves, to stay home, to wear masks and to only congregate in the name of buying large quantities of food and liquor, in reaction to an illness? That’s force, courtesy of the government and major media, to scare and manipulate people, based on the mass fear of death and dis-ease.

But in the next breath, imagine creating a largely power-filled narrative of encouraging people to exercise, drink ample water, eat fruits and vegetables, get 8 hours of sleep each night and to connect with people virtually, to raise your collective energy and to boost your immune system? That’s power, guaranteed to promote global health, to empower humanity and to advance everybody, through love, peace and respect.

My Deal

I mainly live in alignment with power but sometimes use force because I have some fears. I have some shadow. But ultimately, I intend to blog and live with love and power and follow through most of the time. The key is to get deep inside out of your mind to observe your thoughts and feelings as they really are. I suggest meditating and doing Kriya yoga daily.

Observing your thoughts and feelings genuinely lets you face, feel and release fears so you vibe and act mainly from love and power versus vibing and living from fear and force.  Force negates because force fights. Force negates because force resists. But power expands because power loves, respects and empowers humanity. Using power benefits all because we quickly see the answer is never fear, dividining, manipulating and fighting, but rather love, unifying, respecting and surrendering to human’s rights to choose, and co-existing in peace and harmony. 

Use power.

Not force.

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