Are You Thirsty?

by Ryan Biddulph

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My wife and other folks in my family tease me a bit.

Family notes how Uncle Ryan is my niece's favorite. She asks for me on the phone. She walks up to the home office to see what I'm doing whenever my sister in law stops by with her.


I am not thirsty.

I shower love upon the child but need nothing from her. My intent is to be loving, caring, warm, to lend my ear, to play a bit and to mentor her in any way I can, reminding her to dream, and that anything is possible for her. Mind you, she is 3 years old but intelligent, wise and well beyond her years. She almost seems like a young adult as we converse, but some little kid fits remind me how emotionally, she is 3, even if she is 6 or 7, intellectually.

Cats Too

My wife also busts my chops because the cats gravitate toward me. Note the featured image; a bit stretched out, but I wanted to show you Molly and Delilah, two of my cats. Isa was not present.

I can snap my fingers and they come to my side. Like a dog. I also beckon with a come hither, and lo and behold, cats, independent as can be, walk to me, more often than not.


I am not thirsty.

I shower the kitties with love, feeding them, cleaning their litter box, ensuring all 5 water bowls are filled to the brim, with fresh water. I need nothing from them. I expect nothing from them. Naturally, they gravitate toward me because I show them love but need nothing from them.

Job or Business Or Family

Whether pondering your job, business or family relationships, are you thirsty?

Being thirsty signifies being desperate, needy, greedy or flat out expectant, demanding something in return. Parents or grand parents foolishly try to buy their kid's love or grand kid's love through buying them stuff, through their neediness, their desperation, their thirsty nature shining through. Little kids generally care less about toys after a little bit and have no knowledge of fair transactions. I bought my niece a few things over the years but shower her with attention, love and play time, whenever she comes to me. I also expect nothing out of her, need nothing from here, and if she visited the house without knocking on my door, I am A-OK, whole and complete.

She feels this energy and makes her way toward me. Kids and cats live in energetic worlds largely void of fear and attachment. They flock toward non-expectant love.

Are you thirsty with your job? Good luck getting a promotion. Desperate, needy, greedy employees slam into ceilings, fast. How about your business? Are you trying to squeeze profits through your venture and through every prospective client and customer? Expect to fail long and hard. Successful entrepreneurs shower love on folks by being generous, genuine servants and removing all traces of neediness, greediness, fear and desperation, expecting nothing.

Forget about personal relationships. Simply observe all trying family dysfunction related to people NEEDING other family members to love and accept them, fear, greed and desperation driving their selfish motives.

Stop Being Thirsty

How about helping people with no strings attached? How about showering love on your niece or nephew or child without expecting anything in return? You belong to no one, and no one belongs to you, as Kriya yoga master Lahiri Mahasaya, wisely said.

Guaranteed, the second you stop needing, expecting or demanding anything of a human, business or job, your generous service, loved doled out and sense of detachment about it all, positions you to surround yourself with love. Worldly success and enriched, loving relationships, follow.

The more you give and less you expect, the more attractive you become to love, manifest as people, things and circumstances.

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