What Do You Control?

by Ryan Biddulph

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The only control you have in life is control over your inner world.

Anyone can control how they perceive situations. We all control our awareness. No human being controls every single thought and feeling, save enlightened souls. Unless the Dalai Lama reads this post, or a scant few others living in the world but not being of the world, you are not enlightened.

But you can control how you frame life. Plus, you control your ability to be aware of your thoughts and feelings, versus identifying with your thoughts and feelings.

Global Headlines

Per usual, a few human beings with worldly power – quite unlike the absolute power possessed by someone like the Dalai Lama, and predecessors like Chris and Buddha, all who mastered the inner world – control the news media and politicians.

These individuals control news headlines. Whether political turmoil, global pandemics or general doom and gloom dominate the news, fear drives worldly powers to control, manipulate and frighten the masses to keep following the news, to keep certain people in power and to pretty much do their bidding.

But amid the horrible headlines and manipulative titans, you control your inner world. Someone may attempt to scare you into never leaving your home, for fear of contracting a virus, but you choose to be aware of their fear tactics, to leave the house and to return home, healthy as an ox.

Mental Virus

The virus being spread globally now is in essence a mental virus scaring people into becoming sick. Amid physical illness, media and politicians manipulate the masses with a mental illness. Fear seems like a powerful driver to fear-filled people who lack complete and utter control of their inner world. Fear does not register with someone who controls their inner world.

I spend 3-4 hours managing my energy daily. Meditating, doing Kriya yoga, taking an icy cold shower, doing yin yoga and power walking every single day simply expands my awareness. Expanding my awareness helps me be aware of my thoughts and feelings so I do not completely identify with these energies.

I can easily spot when other human beings attempt to use fear to scare me into doing something. Not unlike Jabba the Hut spotting Luke Skywalker using Jedi Mind Tricks, I can spot news media, political officials and the general public trying to keep me in the herd of scared sheeple with fear-driven headlines.

Learn to view the world like a dramatic movie. Never play a role in the movie. Or else you get caught up in the drama. Do your best to be in the world but not of the world by engaging in meditation. Consider doing Kriya yoga if you genuinely want to take things up a few more levels of controlling your inner world by expanding your awareness.

Nobody controls you. No one can manipulate you. But you make these realizations only after expanding your awareness through daily rituals. I noted the aforementioned meditating and Kriya yoga. Simply find what works for you. Control your inner world. Remain unaffected by the mass fear that has always plagued humanity.


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