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What 1 Skill Allows You to Live Your Dreams?

Some believe my life is a movie.

I have lived in Fiji, New Zealand, Bali and Costa Rica for months at a time.

I have spent over 2 years in Thailand.

Why did I live my dreams?

I developed one skill to a point where I just got the job done, no matter what obstacles appeared to be in my way. The skill: I developed an intimate relationship with fear.

Fear Blocks Your Dreams

Most people never live their dreams because most people do not have an intimate relationship with fear. Most folks treat fear like the plague. Simply observe news headlines. The general public feels so afraid of a flu that mainly kills old, sick, weak people that mass panic scares humans into clearing stores of shelves and not leaving their homes.

Meanwhile, I observe the fear and carry on. I feel like I am watching a movie of really scared people reacting in panic. Thank goodness I have no starring role in this flick.

Anyway, the general public rarely if ever lives their dreams because of this fear within. The split second a 9-5 employee thinks about beginning a blog part time to leave their job eventually, fear floods their mind. The average employee fears wasting their time blogging, fears not immediately getting money in return for their blogging efforts, fears being criticized for blogging and fears flat out failing. I know. Said folks convey these fears to me.

Do Not Turn Around

Sadly, instead of nudging into these fears to develop emotional intimacy, most folks turn around and sprint in the other direction. Dull, mediocre lives await. But do you really want “He paid his bills!” to be be on your tombstone?

Think about that one for a second.

People live to survive because choosing to thrive feels scary and quite uncomfortable. But until you face, feel and release your deepest fears, you will never live your wildest dreams.

All skills, generous service, meaningful connections and worldly success sit smack dab on the other side of your deepest, most palpable, fears. I cannot share any other truth because I experienced this fact first hand over the past 12 years of my life.

Nudge into Fear

Do you dream some big vision? Nudge into fear leading toward the vision. Feel the fear. Even if you feel scared, terrified or completely frozen, feel the emotions. Quickly enough, the emotions subside. That's you becoming a little more fearless. Congratulations!

Rinse, wash and repeat for the next few thousands of hours as you fear nudge again, and again and again. Eventually, this process becomes old hat. By that point you will be well on your way to living your dreams. Plus you inspire a whole new generation of people to live their dreams.

I suggest meditating daily and doing Kriya yoga to expand your awareness. Be aware of your fears. Edge into these emotions. Feel the energies. Proceed toward your dream. Allow your intuition to guide you. Listen to small, still instructions. Proceed again.

Your dream will meet you halfway. But only if you develop an intimate relationship with fear.

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Ryan Biddulph

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