Pay Close Attention to People You Envy

by Ryan Biddulph

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I recall horribly envying a highly successful blogger 10 years ago. Dude seemed to have it all. He seemed happy. 6 figure earner, soon to be 7 figure entrepreneur. Pretty wife, big home and super successful online. Doesn’t it feel easy to hate successful people, before you figure out how jealousy works?

Pay close attention to people you envy. Whatever you envy, you secretly believe you cannot have. Said big time blogger simply achieved what I deemed to be impossible. Did that seem to be his fault? Heck no. He did something that someone told me was completely impossible. Jealousy works that way. We envy people who do what we believe we cannot do, adding ready made excuses and a litany of limiting beliefs to explain failure. Turns out, I wound up moving in a different direction per intent. I simply chose to circle the globe versus buying a big home. But I achieved stuff online superseding even this blogging pro. I never compete with people. I just share to show how appreciating success versus envying success allows you to achieve awesome things. First off, what seems impossible becomes possible, then a probability, then, a certainty. 


Shift your energy from envy to admiration. Move from jealousy to appreciation. My former object of envy taught me how to succeed. I saw this the moment my envy dissolved into devout gratitude for his mentoring. But on a deeper level, I followed his lead versus whining about his success. Envy turned into modeling my life after his system. He created and connected generously. I followed suit.

Paying close attention to his ways gave me a blueprint for succeeding online. This is why you need to observe folks you envy super closely. First off, these folks show you your limiting beliefs. Beyond that, these folks teach you clearly how to succeed in life.

Lose Critical Buddies

Release buddies who specialize in being critical of successful, high energy people. I had to release critics who had I befriended online because these folks picked apart any successful person. Even compassionate, loving bloggers and online entrepreneurs did not pass their stringent test. The moment I spotted their jealous hating, I had to let go these critical friends to make room for appreciative buddies who’d see good in top pros.

What a difference! Influential bloggers flocked toward me. Plus I felt their blanket appreciation. People around me felt genuinely grateful for top pros. Mass envy seemed to vanish overnight.

Lose the losers. Let go friends hellbent on criticizing admirable people. Befriend appreciative buddies. Raise your energy. Learn from pros versus hating these successful folks. Be grateful; pros show you the way to succeed.

Why Challenge Yourself Even More?

Life is challenging enough as is. Why challenge yourself even more by envying mentors versus appreciating their successful strategies. Make life easier. Admire success. Learn its ways. Succeed yourself.

But first, pay close attention to people you envy. Objects of jealousy teach you lessons you need to succeed.

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