How to Thrive in a Negative Environment

by Ryan Biddulph

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I have thrived in a few negative environments in my life.

Being around folks who may have not been mentally well at the time, dealing with global panics and facing challenging situations on the road all tested me.

Negative environments consume you if you are not careful. Beware; even well-meaning people get so lost in a negative, fear-filled vibe that you cannot help but be overwhelmed by the sheer wave of lower energies.

Follow these tips to thrive in negative surroundings.

Limit Contact with Negative Nellies

During my travels, I have lived with or by negative nellies. No; not my wife 🙂

Anyway, I avoid contact with people whose minds are dominated by fear because why hang with low vibing folks? Time is precious. Choose who you dole your time out to carefully.

In cases where you cannot avoid negative types outright just limit contact. I sometimes locked myself in my home office to block out negativity as far as headlines, people or whatever gloom permeated the environment.

Tell People the Truth Even if it Hurts

I sleep well at night because I tell people the truth offline, online or wherever I am. Most people hate hearing the truth because their ego cannot handle the truth. But I live with a clear conscience which helps me remain poised, balanced and peaceful in negative environments.

Fools bury the truth to feel even worse in lower energy climates. I used to be this guy; flattering people left and right, enabling destructive behavior by refusing to tell the truth, I felt terrible because bottling up the truth creates mental chaos in your being.

I began to tell the truth more often. Even though doing so felt uncomfortable to me sometimes and usually triggered hurt in other people, I largely felt good about freeing people if they had eyes to see, hear and feel the truth.

Double Down on Mindset Work

I have double down on my meditating and Kriya yoga sessions recently as fear seems to have paralyzed the world. Like all fears, the current paralysis is illusion, fanned by the flames of a predominant fear infecting the minds of mass consciousness. Sharpening your mind and living from your heart helps you see through the illusion of fear, into the truth of love and wellness.

People are getting sick and dying right now from a virus. Both processes are 100% natural, normal and quite expected in a world of change, birth, life and death. Of course, the Western world's deluded, aversion-filled view of death and rank fear of this natural process has allowed manipulative media to stir the West and planet earth into a frenzy.

First, comes the mental virus, firmly planted in minds of many. The physical virus gains momentum after the mental virus gets whipped up via carefully selected headlines guaranteed to shock the scare the masses.

I have compassion for the sick, dying and every healthy person out there too SO I tell the truth. We all live. We all die. Some people get sick and die. Others die in their sleep. Others through accidents. The headlines you read right now primarily use fear to separate humanity, to distance people, to divide our loving power and to aid profiting.

Do you know why?

If the news media honestly, genuinely wanted to accelerate healing, every story would be cut and dry edicts informing the general public of federal, state and local regulations for HEALTH. Please tell me the last time you read an article solely devoted to supporting health, promoting health and focusing on the positive impact of health-driven initiatives.

Right now, the news cycle wants disease and death for specific purposes. Since where our attention and energy goes, grows, disease and death it shall be. But when the news media decides to focus on health, we all shift our attention to health, and quickly, our collective consciousness will bring about health through wiser protocols, smarter procedures and a general elevation of consciousness.

Double down on personal development. Heck; triple down. See through the illusion of fear to the reality of love, health and wellness. Avoid the manipulation and panic most people seem to be suffering through right now.

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