Do You Respect Success Progression?

by Ryan Biddulph

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10 years ago, I could write 300 words before slamming violently into writer's block.

Today, I write and publish 6 or more 600-700 blog posts daily. I went through a stretch 5 years ago where I wrote and self-published one, 6000 word eBook every single day for a 3 month stretch. Toss in my freelancing and blogging duties and I easily wrote 10,000 to 20,000 words daily. Or more.

What made the difference between Cryin' Ryan the writer's block victim to genuine writing machine?

I respected success progression.

Frustrated Bloggers

I often observe frustrated bloggers who delude themselves into believing they can succeed without honoring the progressive nature of success.

Bloggers feel deflated after not making a penny during their first 3 months blogging.

Of course you cannot make a penny during your first 3 blogging months. Nobody knows who you are, yet, as you lack exposure. I guarantee your skills are mediocre, at best. Credibility? None. No newbie blogger practices enough to gain massive exposure, serious skills and rock-solid credibility. How could you? Serious, pro bloggers practice blogging for thousands of hours.

Success is progressive.

I progressively became more skilled because I practiced blogging. My exposure gradually expanded because my blog posts, guest posts and genuine blog comments helped improve my visibility. Skilled bloggers with substantial exposure build credibility.

Becoming successful in any venture takes time, patience, persistence and generous, diligent practice. No one goes pro in days, weeks or months because nobody has access to a time machine. Even if you could fast forward 5 years, you still did not practice the 5000-6000 blogging hours you need under your belt to show off eye-popping skills, to gain massive exposure and to be seen as a credible authority in your niche.

Be Patient

Be patient. Honor how all success occurs gradually. Masters in any craft put in 10,000 plus hours.

Becoming *really* skilled requires even more time because the greats devote their lives to their discipline.

A world famous artist performed a quick sketch in a few minutes for someone on the street. His customer asked for a price. The genius artist charged him $20,000. After his jaw dropped to the floor, the customer complained vehemently about the absurdity of charging $20,000 for 15 minutes of work.

The artist corrected him; he charged $20,000 for 30,000 hours of work. Being able to create a stunning masterpiece in 15 minutes required 30,000 hours of diligent practice, a genuine obsession with his art. Few people understand how genii progressively become more skilled until they simply out practice and out last every other person in their field of choice.

$7 eBooks

If someone pays $7 for my eBooks, I charge for the knowledge and skills I acquired by progressively blogging for 15,000 hours of my life. Maybe I will charge $10 in a few more years as my success expands and my skills advance. 5 years ago, I charged $2.99 for my eBooks.

Two years into my blogging career, I was happy to write and publish one post daily. My success gradually grew in proportion to my time and energy commitment. Slowly, steadily and patiently, everything began building.

I went years without seeing any sponsored post pitches early in my blogging career. But sponsored post pitch emails eventually found my email inbox with regularly. Crawl. Stand. Walk. Jog. Run. Babies do it. Bloggers do it. Everybody does it.

Practice. Hone your skills. Success will find you but be warned; success takes its sweet time in meeting you halfway. Honor its progressive nature to keep going, and to keep growing.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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