Are You a News Puppet?

by Ryan Biddulph

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How many times have you been a news puppet?

The scenario: global headlines shift to a new story. Perhaps a virus. Said virus spreads rapidly. People die. More people get sick. Never mind how most people recover quickly. Fear scares you. The news headline scares you, triggering fears in your being.

Being scared, you rush to the store. Most people are sheeple, following the herd, being driven by the whip of fear. You gobble up as much toilet paper (?) and canned goods as possible. Because you fear starving and….umm….using corn husks? My grandfather grew up dirt poor in Romania, in the early 1900's. He used corn husks in Transylvania.

Anyway, I love you guys but if the above stories describe you, you are news puppets.

A few people with worldly power who deliberately choose news headlines have you dancing around like Pinocchio, these select few being Mister Geppetto, playing you for some deeper benefit to them.

How to Break Free from the Puppet Act

First, stop watching the news. Immediately. All news worthy items flow from within your being. How you think and feel matters most. You control your thoughts and feelings. That's all the news there is to know.

In all matters life and death, you will get the message without watching the news. If the United States goes under a collective quarantine, your news snooze neighbors will tell you. Or you will receive an alert on your phone. Other than that, we are not running out of food or toilet paper any time soon, even if that ***APPEARS*** to be the case, courtesy of fear-stricken, panicked humans, who clear the shelves. The Played Pinicchio's.

The toughest part of me breaking free of being a news puppet – and you, too – was/will be facing, feeling and releasing your deepest fears.

News makers manipulate you by triggering fears deep inside of you. Fear triggered, like Michael from Godfather III, just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in.

But if you unearth, explore, feel and release most of your deep fears, no fear remains to be triggered. Plus you stop watching the news. Even better? You observe the news-panic drama around you as if watching a movie from the cheap seats. News Pinocchio's, being manipulated by fear, make for a compassionate but sometimes amusing scene. You know all is OK and all will be OK because you see through the illusion of fear.

Love Is Real Fear Is Illusion

All enlightened masters like Jesus Christ, Buddha and Sri Yukteswar (I need to give my favorite guru some shine!) knew this secret: only love is real, and fear is an illusion. The Man (Jesus Christ) also spoke this truth in A Course in Miracles.

Meditate deeply. Consider doing Kriya yoga. As you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, you begin to see that fear really *is* an illusion. Of course, all of us non-enlightened beings feel fear, but after feeling fear, you realize it's just something the ego created to keep you from being liberated, happy, generous, prospering, and, from accessing your highest nature.

Stop being a news puppet. Never allow the Geppetto's of the world to pull you in. Be a bright light. Be of generous service. Inspire humanity.

Now more than ever, the world needs more bright lights to cut through the illusion of fear and its manipulative grip.

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