Feeling Fear Frees You

by Ryan Biddulph

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I felt incredibly exhausted during my evening walk tonight. I wished I had been in bed more than anything. But I gutted out the 90 minute jaunt.

Fighting off a cold for the past 3 days, I figured I would pass out the second my head hit the pillow after the walk. Nope. Here I am writing this guest post at 1 AM on Sunday morning.

But the past 40 minutes offered me a fascinating study into fear. My mind raced. Would I get more sick if I rolled out of bed to write? I need my sleep. But sleep did not happen. Plus I had to sit in the chilly downstairs environment. We kill the heat overnight and simply bundle up in bed.

I feared being in a cold setting would aggravate my growing cold. Fears, fears and more fears raced through my mind for this tossing and turning stretch. Eventually, after feeling many fears run through my being, I got up, grabbed myself a bagel and fruit punch, found a spot on the couch and began writing.

Hugging Fear Liberates You

Every problem in life is your un-faced fear. Every solution in life sits on the other side of fear. Feeling fear liberates you because peace, calm and poise floods your being on the other side of fear. Fear avoided jails you with its handcuffing-like abilities. I tossed and turned for 40 minutes in bed because fear kept me locked in bed. But feeling the fear of fatigue, the fear of sickness, the fear of sitting in a cold room and the fear of my 3 year old niece barging into my bedroom tomorrow at 7 AM – after I sleep for 2-3 hours – freed me from these energies so I could relax, sit down and write this guest post.

Writing this post frees me a bit more by accelerating my online success. I gain skills, exposure and more credibility too. Feel fear. Liberate yourself.

Love Frees You

Two dominant emotions exist: love and fear. Feel fear to enter into a predominant vibe of love. Feeling love creates a peaceful, calm, relaxed, poised sense within your being. Imagine nothing weighing you down. Coast from win to win. Seamlessly handle obstacles. Gracefully handle adversity.

Love frees you from the burden of fear but feeling fear is the prime step to vibe mainly from love.

Why does humanity generally pick fear and bondage over love and freedom?

Feeling Fear Feels Highly Uncomfortable

Do you enjoy feeling terror, dread and grief? How do you like feeling enraged, embarrassed or humiliated? What does it feel like to give 5 years of your life to your business, only to become completely broke, losing all of your money?

Most people engineer their lives around the sole concept of avoiding their deepest fears. Many 9-5ers work jobs they dislike to avoid the fear of losing their money. Other employees work jobs they hate to avoid the collective fears of failure and criticism.

Some people even commit suicide to avoid facing shame, embarrassment or humiliation.

Facing, feeling and releasing fear feels highly uncomfortable but freedom awaits on the other side of these unpleasant emotions. Does suffering through a racing mind seem worth being a bit more liberated? Does feeling free seem worth a few moments of suffering through abject panic? Remember the freedom sitting on the other side of terrible-feeling fears. I am hardly the most fearless person on earth but do a solid job being comfortable with being uncomfortable because I prefer freedom over living in the prison of fear.

Free yourself. Face and feel fears. A few moments of discomfort is well worth liberating yourself more each time you face, feel and release fears.

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Ryan Biddulph

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