Do You Leverage Your Business?

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This is the 5th guest post I'm writing today.

Guest posting is my favorite form of leveraging. Leveraging simply helps you save time by reaching a large group of targeted people with minimum actions.

I could cold email 100 people today or write this guest post for Don, to reach 50 to 100 people or more. Cold pitching 100 people via email requires hours of my time. Writing and publishing this guest post consumes roughly 20 minutes of my time.

Leveraging allows you to make a maximum impact in the minimum amount of time, executing minimum actions, too.


Although I target a blogging tips focused audience I do market 20 or so of my 126 eBooks to people interested in personal development. I also know Don sells a steady stream of books via notifications on his website.

I need not be a detective to know you rocking readers are keenly interested in personal growth eBooks; guest posting here leverages my blogging business intelligently because I access a targeted audience deeply interested in self help reads.

I do spend most time blogging and guest posting for a blogging tips themed audience to leverage my blogging business. Gaining exposure in front of prying eyes by blogging, guest posting and building bonds with fellow bloggers allows me to reach a large volume of interested folks with intelligent actions.

Be Intelligent

Spending 8 hours daily cold pitching potential clients and customers via email seems to be an unintelligent use of my time. I create nothing lasting. I never qualify anyone before emailing them and if I do not generate sales or even warm leads through the cold pitching approach I waste my time.

Guest posting seems to be a much more intelligent leveraging approach because my guest posts remains live unless the blogger deletes the post or deletes their blog. Imagine that shelf life over the course of years, or even a decade.

Visualize the hundreds, to thousands, to even tens of thousands of readers who see just one of my guest posts over 3 to 5 years. This is leveraging; spend 20 minutes creating someone helpful that thousands or even tens of thousands of targeted people can see over 5 to 10 years online.

Exponential Effect

Leveraging into an exponential growth, imagine how much exposure 5000 of my guest posts on various blogs gain over even 2 years online?

Every guest posts leverages itself as a separate entity. Every friendship I establish by being generous leverages my blogging business through generous co-promotion.

Leverage or Struggle

Smart entrepreneurs leverage their business through intelligent tactics persistently. All other entrepreneurs struggle.

Eventually, you run out of time and resources building a business solo, through your own steam. Either your business dies if you neglect leveraging or your business thrives by leveraging your presence aggressively.

Virtually any business can be leveraged to the hilt but you need a vision and willingness to make a greater impact with fewer actions, thinking through the leveraging process.

Reach more targeted people with fewer acts in less time. Leverage intelligently to experience exponential business growth over the long haul.

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