What Dead Weight Do You Need to Release?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Have you ever seen a high school basketball team with 6 coaches?

What does every coach do? What function does every coach perform? Is it a critical function? Honestly? This is a high school team; not the New York Knicks.

I have followed high school basketball in New Jersey for 30 years. Powerhouse programs have churned out literally 100 plus high level division players from this state during the time frame, in addition to many NBA players. But I have to chuckle when observing the benches of some high level teams. 4, 5 or even 6 coaches grace some bunches. Obviously, no high school team needs this many eyes on the game; this is not the NBA.

4 of those 6 coaches are dead weight as a head coach and assistant coach works nicely at the high school level. Those 4 coaches serve as a drag, a distraction, extra weight that adds nothing but only detracts from the team.

Dead Weight in Life

What dead weight do you need to shed in life? Business-wise or personal-wise, we all need release old, worn out, stale relationships sometimes. Never deem any release as being personal. Everybody grows into and out of relationships.

Releasing people who seem to be growing in a different direction lets go a burden you no longer need to carry. Free yourself to meet new friends and business associates who resonate with your vision.

Let Go a Worn Out Mindset

10 years ago I wrote and published one blog post every few days. I believed doing so added enough value for me to become a successful blogger. Why? I vibed heavily from a poverty conscious mindset. I wanted to do a little but I wished to receive a lot.

After struggling horribly with my blog for years, I let go my worn out, dead weight, poverty consciousness to expand my abundance consciousness. Now I create and publish 10 or more posts daily between my blog posts and guest posts. How? I released mental dead weight to be energized, focused, driven and prolific.

Holding on to Dead Weight Accelerates the Dying Process

Whether literal or figuratively, clinging to dead weight accelerates the dying process. Holding onto mental baggage in the form of grief and other unaddressed, heavy fears and pains can manifest as cancer and serious mental illnesses. Burying deep fears for decades can literally kill you.

Entrepreneurs observe their businesses crash and burn any time you cling to what needs to go. I released in-depth blog commenting years ago because I had outgrown that dead weight activity. Immediately after suspending my genuine blog commenting campaign, I took up prolific guest posting and began broadcasting live daily on Twitter and/or Facebook.

My blog and business growth accelerated quickly by releasing dead weight to make room for fun, energized, new and exciting activities.

Release dead weight by assessing what needs to go every 3-6 months. Ego blinds us from what we need to release. Do a check up from the neck up to release the baggage and to energetically streamline your life.

Observe how quickly your life improves the moment you release anything or anyone holding you back.


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