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I find it interesting how Don just published this post on the owner versus employee mindset.


I saved the title for this post over the past 24 hours but did not write it until now. Don and I are on the same wavelength.

Every day, I observe bloggers who spend precious hours reading and answering questions on sites like Quora. Any blogger who answers Quora questions is a Quora user on the site. No blogger owns Quora. Quora owns the blogger's Quora profile, all content created on Quora and anything the user does on the website.

Contrast this with owning your blog domain and hosting and spending 90% to 100% of your day on self-hosted blogs. Self-hosted, WordPress bloggers own their cyber real estate. Such bloggers set the rules for their blogs. Pro bloggers who think like owners spend virtually all of their time creating content and building connections on their blog or on blogs their buddies own. Why?

Owners spend their time and energy doing things leading to maximum business growth. Users waste their time on real estate they do not own doing stuff that hampers long term business growth.

User-Based Restrictions

Quora forbids regular self-promotion in terms of eBooks, courses or any premium product or service you offer. Bloggers suffer bans after receiving warnings. Why spend hours answering questions on a site where you cannot promote your business? Step away from restrictions, rules and regulations. Think like an owner. Invest money in your own cyber real estate. Run the show. Set the rules.

Unless you own a website or blog, you need to follow specific rules concerning site usage. Forget about branding and monetizing potential. Users simply brand free sites they use, promote free sites they use and make minimal income through free sites because users become part of the product.

Facebook owns everything you do on Facebook, making you the product, in essence. Talk about facing serious restrictions in terms of business growth, eh?

Owners Experience Freedom

Owners face virtually no restrictions save breaking a hosting company's lenient terms of service. Bloggers set the rules on their own self-hosted blogs. Bloggers open 1, 10 or 100 income streams through their blogs; no limits exist.

Branding potential expands exponentially for owners on a self-hosted blog. Design a custom theme or hire someone to do the job. Make your blog look exactly how you want it to look. Experience the freedom of being an owner.

Develop a Vision

Owners look beyond today to future business growth. Users look for short term gratification on a day to day basis. Owners invest money to make money. Users spend money to lose money.

Why do owners and users walk separate paths? People who own businesses create a clear vision of their life and business growth. See your goals manifest in vivid detail. Feel your vision as being true. How does it feel? Fun and freeing, right?

See where you intend to be. Gain confidence in everything you do now.

Vibe Like an Owner

Owners exude a generous, patient, persistent energy guaranteed to yield business success. Think like an owner. Feel like an owner. Act like an owner.

Taste sweet freedom while you render useful service as a prospering business owner.

Stop thinking like a user.

Think like an owner.

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