Simple Building Blocks Form the Foundation for Spectacular Ventures

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I do not currently run a spectacular venture but have circled the globe for 8 years as a pro blogger by writing and publishing blog posts. I also network quite a bit. But living in Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Thailand for months at a time has been mainly due to me spending thousands of hours writing blog posts and helping people become successful bloggers.

I engaged in simple activities for years; even when doing so felt highly uncomfortable. I laid the building blocks for a neat life by doing simple things daily for years.

Jeff Bezos built a spectacular venture. The Amazon founder currently is the richest person on earth but his business juggernaut began as a simple online bookstore. I spoke to a trucker during my security guard days whose trucker buddy was Jeff's uncle. Bezos asked for a loan of a few thousand dollars. His uncle refused, noting the silly venture run out of a garage seemed destined to fail. I imagine the return on his $5000 investment would have made his uncle a billionaire.

At its core, Amazon is a simple digital storefront model. Sell virtual and physical products. Make it easy for people to get their products quickly and conveniently. He also put in good old fashioned hard work and had an eye for scaling massively to build his empire.

Mark Zuckerberg made it easy for people to network socially on Facebook. He often worked 15 hours days or longer laying the foundation for something special.

Spectacular ventures grow out of simple concepts, intelligent execution and good old fashioned, generous, persistent and patient hard work. Never believe eye-popping corporations begin as some complex, difficult to conceptualize, idea. If Amazon and Facebook were difficult to conceive, do you think both founders would be among the 10 richest people on earth?

Simple Appeals to the Masses

As I scale, I see the power in keeping things simple to appeal to more people. Simple concepts and simple, patient, persistent, hard work allow you to connect with an increasing targeted market in order to grow your business.

Never try to swing for the fences with complex, difficult to understand, ideas. Business growth stalls the moment people cannot understand your model. Plus it feels incredibly difficult to execute a complex idea persistently and patiently. Build your business on simple ideas and don't forget to move into simple, powerful actions daily, to lay the foundation for something special.

The Commitment Must Be Spectacular

Bezos, Zuckerberg and other icons made a spectacular commitment to their businesses, from a time, energy and effort perspective. Since where your attention and energy goes, grows, entrepreneurs who commit 100% to seeing their vision through build legendary businesses and become the most powerful people on earth.

Differentiate Between Complex and Uncomfortable

Mark Zuckerberg created a social platform for communicating words, images and videos. Simple enough idea, right? But he likely felt uncomfortable putting in 15 hour days to bring that simple vision into form.

Most entrepreneurs make the common mistake of shrinking from intelligent, persistent and patient work in favor of taking complex shortcuts that lead to nowhere. At 12:12 AM on a Monday morning, I feel tired and depleted. My bed calls me. But I would be a fool to cut this post short so I could engage in a more complex, less time-consuming, promotional tactic. Complex short cuts lead to long term failure. I write another simple blog post, publish it and expand my reach a little bit more.

Taking the simple path to stunning long term business success requires a huge chunk of your time and energy but if you plan to be around anyway, doesn't it make sense to do the job properly, to keep things simple, and to position yourself to succeed.?

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