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I’m Selling Plenty but Can’t Keep Up: Scaling Your Business

I had a familiar conversation with an entrepreneur who approached me about business coaching yesterday.

“Getting business isn't the problem. Keeping up with it is! I'm always working!”

Another day, the same problem. Like many of my clients, this lady was a hustler, always working, had plenty of clients, yet hadn't even broken six figures yet.

Hitting the Wall in Business

She had hit a wall because she hadn't learned to scale, and was so busy working IN her business that she hadn't taken time to work ON her business. Her incredible work ethic which had gotten her this far was holding her back from taking the next step.

I love working with small business owners like this. They're a scrappy, intelligent, self-motivated, and energetic bunch. They've proven that they have what it takes to get business, and often need only a bit of guidance to take off.

Create Processes that Scale

See, the thing that big companies know is that to grow; you have to create processes that allow you to scale. That's why you'll see tools like Six Sigma and Agile/SCRUM in use in large organizations. They can be overkill for a small business, but you have to be able to repeat a process over and over again to grow your business.

If you want to scale, you have to step back and create processes and focus your efforts. If you're a small business owner looking for help scaling your business so that you can take back your time while increasing profits, I'd love to hear from you. Click here to apply for coaching and let me know your goals!

Don Smith

The Personal Growth Channel founder, Smith also runs a technology company and is a former bank director. Happily married with five children, he lives in Springfield, Illinois.