Pay Attention or Pay the Consequences

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During my evening walk I observed normal heavy traffic here in New Jersey.

The most population dense state in the US sees its fair share of bumper to bumper action during rush hour.

I looked up when a driver almost crashed their large SUV into the car in front of them, swerving to avoid an accident.

Sure enough, he nearly set off a chain reaction, drivers behind jamming on brakes as a domino effect ensued.

The motorist paid attention at the last second but likely drove home worried and stressed over their near accident.

Other folks wind up paying the price for not paying attention.

Mindfulness Is a Rare Commodity

I am no Blogging Buddha but do spend 3-4 hours daily managing my energy through yin yoga, Kriya yoga, meditating and mindful power walking. Being mindful helps me pay attention to the moment. Paying attention to the moment enhances every aspect of my life.

I accelerated my blogging success by paying attention to details I missed prior. My bond with my wife Kelli grew stronger. We communicate quickly and easily to solve our problems because we both pay close attention to each other's vibe.

Mindfulness seems to be a rare commodity in a fast-paced, hectic world of social media, non stop news, political turmoil and general hurry. But if you refuse to pay attention you pay the consequences of your mindlessness.

Unhappiness and Being Bound

Unhappy, bound people punish themselves by not paying attention to their thoughts, feelings and actions. Most people work jobs because they fear running out of money, but few folks pay close attention to the fear driving them to work unfulfilling jobs. The split second I paid close attention to why I worked my security guard job, I vowed to never work for anybody again because I realized fear, not love, drove me to devote 40 to 60 hours weekly to a paycheck.

I made more blogging realizations than I can recount in a 600 word blog post over 10 years of my life by paying attention to my thoughts and feelings. Even though I wrote my eBooks 4 years ago, I began promoting these 100 plus reads properly a few months back. Why? I paid close attention to my honest lack of clarity and creeping fears about these reads. Facing, feeling and releasing these fears created a clarity and confidence in me leading to an instant surge in eBook promotion and sales.

Pay Attention

Stop walking through life with your head in the sand. Pay attention. Note the world around you. Be mindful of your thoughts, feelings and motives.

Stop walking with your head in the clouds, too. Pay attention. Dream big dreams but be honest about how you are acting to reach these goals. Do you dream of being a billionaire philanthropist but spend your day plastering your affiliate squeeze page to 500 spots online in a desperate, frenzied panic?

Billionaires are creators and masters of scale. Billionaires generously serve people and build huge, tight knit friend networks based on helping successful folks in their niche. Get your head out of the clouds and come back to earth with some good old fashioned, genuine, generous work to position yourself to be highly successful.

Do you want to know why I am writing this guest post? I paid attention to someone who tweeted Don's latest blog post on Twitter.

In an instant, I thought to myself, “I owe Don a guest post.”

Mindfulness wins again.

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