Success Requires Time And Generous Effort

by Ryan Biddulph

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Success requires time and generous effort. Some people say success takes time. Good things take time. This is not entirely true. Time is time. Time simply passes. But to become successful, you need to generously help people, putting in years worth of effort, to reach your goals. Time expiring does nothing for you. But if you generously help people everyday for years of your life, success will find you.


This concept confuses entrepreneurs because people advised them good things take time. Business mentors stress this point often to instill patience. Knowing this, most entrepreneurs put in a little bit of effort and wait years to see success because time, not effort, is a prime success factor in their mind. But if you put in a little bit of effort you will see a tiny bit of success. If you put in a great deal of generous effort, you will see a great deal success, but over time.

Be Generous

I advise you to be generously patient and persistent. Help as many people as possible for free. Build your friend network. Build bonds with people who love what you do. Prospect to reach out to new individuals interested in your business. Do not give up. Do not panic or quit when times get tough. Facing fears is part of your success tuition. We all need to do it to be free of these fears so that we reach the next level of our business growth.

Nudge into Fear

 Every time I felt hopeless and nudged a little deeper into my fear, I experienced a small or huge breakthrough. This has happened like clockwork during my tenure business career. I often recall promoting a link to one of my business opportunities, feeling like nobody would click it because nobody had bought it over the course of months. Within seconds, someone would either share the link with a glowing endorsement or buy into my opportunity. I cannot stress how many times this has happened during my blogging career when things seemed hopeless or a bit slow at best.


Being generous, patient and persistent carries with it a type of power I cannot even explain. Things turn your way. Fortune finds you. But meanwhile, all those folks who are stingy, lack persistence, and lack patience, never experience these brilliant moments when everything works out for you seamlessly. You have to pay a persistent, patient, generous tuition to receive these blessings.

Put in the Time and Work

You cannot get something for nothing. If time passes for one, two or three years and you do not generously help people through your business, you will fail because you tried to get something for nothing. But if during a three-year time frame you generously help people, you will succeed. Generous effort plus time yields business success. Just don't get confused and believe that good things come with time. This is not true. Good things come with generous service and time.

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Ryan Biddulph

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