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Do You Fish for One Great White or a Million Guppies?

This analogy sounds strange.

But hear me out.

Most people seek a home run, swing wildly, miss and live their life without ever experiencing their dreams.

The scene from the movie Wall Street sums it up; Bud Fox noted how life comes down to a few moments and meeting big dawg Gordon Gekko was one of them. Not true. Life is one big opportunity. We live in abundance. But most humans – like Bud – attach themselves to a person or income stream or business, thinking from scarcity, and struggle mightily.

I never seek to land a Great White. I never intend to create one viral piece of content. I do not attach to one person, income stream or business. I fish for a million guppies. I create oodles of helpful content daily and spread the content out among 5 blogs via guest post, in addition to podcasting, broadcasting live and commenting genuinely on blogs from my niche.

I wrote and self-published 100 plus eBooks and sell 2 courses. Toss in paperbacks and audio books I sell and you quickly see I am about making an impact in 1 billion places versus trying to make billions through a seismic impact in 1 spot.

Think Viral Online Presence Versus Viral Blog Post

Fools try desperately to get rich quickly by landing a whale of a client, the Great White. Wise folks generously help people and open a whole slew of income streams. I made a little South of 3 bucks from one income stream yesterday. But I sold a course recently, I earned client income and people seem to keep buying at least some of my 126 plus eBooks fairly consistently. Before I know it, I will have 20 income streams online. That adds up.

I am catching a bunch of tiny guppies versus desperately trying to reel in a Great White shark. Growth is slow, but steady. Plus I do not whiff, strike out and go home dejected if 10 people do not buy my bigger ticket blogging course daily. I have 100 plus eBooks circulating, priced from 7 to 20 bucks. Every sale adds up. Eventually, when I am in a billion spots, having 126 plus eBooks out there should make for an interesting income.

Think Scale Versus Sale

Most entrepreneurs obsess over making a single, big ticket sale, engineering their entire campaign on trying to earn the most money possible by attaching to something or someone. I do not have that problem. I think scale, publishing helpful content in over 15 to 20 spots daily.

Imagine publishing 1 post to your blog and trying to sell 1 course. This is big game hunting. Sometimes you make a sale but many times you whiff and strike out because you vibe fear and scarcity, not love and abundance, using such an approach.

Now imagine creating over 170 eBooks-paperbacks-audiobooks plus 2 courses. Visualize being an Amazon Affiliate. Imagine earning sponsored post and ad revenue. Toss in various consulting and coaching income streams. Spend your day creating as much helpful content in as many spots as possible. This is my day. I catch hundreds of guppies now but eventually I will catch thousands then millions because I blog abundance.

Help for Free to Scale Effectively

Help as many people for free as possible every day to improve your skills and to increase your exposure. Be seen in many spots. Never attach to one content creation stream over others. Never get attached to prospective clients or customers or income streams. I always have another 2-4 pieces of content to create, at the front of my mind.

Open Multiple Streams of Income

Open multiple streams of income. Over time, by generously creating content and establishing multiple income streams, cash will flow to you slowly but steadily through these channels. Make $2 here, $10 there and $1,000 now. Everything adds up. Keep scaling by helping people generously. Keep adding income streams.

You will make a fortune over the long term if you never hold back.


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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph inspires you with courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and his blog at Blogging From Paradise.