Why Feeling Grief Accelerates Your Success

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I have circled the globe for the past eight years of my life. Around the world, many refer to westerners as The Walking Dead. I tend to agree. For all of our technological advancements and wealth, we generally do a terrible job at feeling our emotions. People bury grief and ruin their lives because you cannot be generous, abundant and helpful being weighed down by fear and pain. 

Grief sits at the top of the list of energies that most people cling to for years. Unfortunately, burying your grief creates a heavy, energetic anchor that makes it almost impossible to succeed. You cannot move forward when you are being pulled backward, or being held down.

If you decide to be with your grief you move the emotions along and experience these benefits.

Removes the Anchor

Feeling grief removes the heavy anchor that this strongest of energies creates. Imagine being held down in one spot by a profound sense of loss. Maybe you lost a loved one. Or perhaps you lost your business. Even losing a pet can create a strong sense of grief that keeps you tied down. Facing, feeling and releasing this emotion removes the anchor so you are free to move forward toward your dreams.

Cleans the Slate

 Feel grief to clean your energetic slate. Imagine yourself with a fresh new start. Exciting beginnings unfold after you embrace this emotion.  How can you move forward successfully, with a clean slate, if you cling to past loss? Get a fresh new start by letting go of the past.

Prepares You for Accelerated Growth

 Grieving the loss of loved ones, pets, and business opportunities helped me accelerate my business growth.  Nobody can sprint forward being burdened by the anchor of grief. But feeling your fear and pain allows you to move forward quickly no matter your endeavors in life. On the flip side of things, try sprinting forward being weighed down by a profound sense of loss. Impossible.

I experienced greater success the moment I genuinely grieved loss. I let go what was gone to make room for a fun, freeing, fulfilling life before me.

How to Feel Grief

Be gentle with yourself. How do you feel right now? Unless you are particularly enlightened, you likely grieve someone or something. Maybe it seems like something small. Or perhaps you are just beginning to process the loss of a loved one.

I refused to accept that my mother was stricken with a long-term illness for many years. Even though being hopeful has its benefits, grieving aided me immensely and accepting that her memory, her personality and her overall energy would never return provided me with a sense of calm. Accepting this truth gave me peace of mind and accelerated my blogging success like few other experiences in my life.

Embracing grief can be highly unpleasant in moments. Simply relax and allow your energy to flow. Expect to cry quite a bit. This is a normal, natural process for human beings who wish to let go of the past and move into the future from a state of calm and peace. Allow your emotions to arise, being with whatever comes up, and you will position yourself to be happier healthier and wealthier as you head to a greater success.

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