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I spied one of my online income streams a few moments ago. Overnight, the income for the month doubled. I do not get attached to income stats but feel grateful for making money.

As long as I live a worldly life, money is convenient.

I wanted to share some recent realizations I made for boosting your income, based on experiments I conducted over the past 3-6 months.

Prior to my recent income boost, I genuinely buried my head in the sand regarding my profits. Being detached from outcomes helps you feel abundant but being completely ignorant to your income stats eats into your profits. I secretly feared I'd lose money and slammed into profit droughts because I didn't celebrate profits I earned. I also did a poor job spotting financial patterns.

Lesson learned. I focus heavily on the process of helping folks but appreciate every penny I make online, literally.

Following tip #1 made a huge difference in my life.

Appreciate Every Penny You Make

4 months ago, I celebrated every penny I made through a new income stream, literally. My blogging income slowly and steady grew through the channel monthly. Why? Whatever you appreciate, appreciates.

Be thankful for your income. Expressing gratitude increases your cash flow because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Be Incredibly Generous

I noted an income increase over the past 3 months. Why? I spent 9-12 hours daily helping people for free through guest posting, posting to my blog, video marketing and podcasting.

Nobody pays me directly for the content I create. I simply improve my skills and increase my exposure. Indirectly, being a skilled blogger in many spots increased my blogging income.

If you help many people with zero expectations you gain a skills and exposure increase that increases your income.

Be incredibly generous. Give freely of your time and talents. Make more money.

Open Multiple Streams of Income

The old me opened 1-2 income streams online. I became heavily attached to these 1-2 streams and struggled to profit because I felt more poor, not abundant, relying on 1 or 2 income channels.

Now I have 10-14 income streams open at any given time. Yesterday a few people emailed me, alerting me of how they bought my eBooks. Today I noted my blogging income through one stream doubling its monthly total overnight. I feel abundant receiving money through 10 plus cash flow streams.

Open multiple streams of income. Increase your profits by tapping into abundance. I once read how self help icon Bob Proctor opened 220 income streams. No limits exist. Slowly and steadily open income channels to increase your cash flow.

Save Much But Splurge Sometimes

I do enjoy pinching pennies. If I ever become a billionaire, I genuinely will still pinch pennies in regards to food and clothing because neither means much to me. Fruits, veggies, lean proteins and some sweets do the trick and as for clothing, I am not a vain person at all.

But I also splurge sometimes as far as food and traveling expenses because emitting an abundant, luxurious vibe boosts my cash flow. I decided to take out a decent chunk of change at the ATM recently for a delightful meal with family I plan to enjoy this weekend at a nice Italian restaurant. Almost immediately, I noted a quick income increase within the following 2 days.

Save money to feel abundant in boosting your cash stores but feel equally rich by spending freely here and there. Emit an abundant vibe that increases your income.

Follow these tips diligently.

Increase your savings and spending money to amplify your freedom.

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