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3 Natural Energy Boosters

Coffee only takes you so far.

Any drink or supplement works outside-in. Synthetic energy boosters create a quick, intense burst but lag quite fast. Do you feel terrible after a caffeine crash? How do you avoid the roller coaster of emotions consistent with relying on human-made energy boosters?

Natural energy boosters organically increase your energy daily.

I spend a significant amount of time increasing my energy through 3 natural techniques. After writing 100 plus eBooks and being fairly visible in my blogging niche people want to know my secret. Did I make a deal with the Energizer Bunny? No I did not. I did commit fully to elevating my energy levels with organic, wholesome methods versus going the inorganic route.

Do you need to level up to face a busy day?

Try these 3 organic energy boosters.


Meditate daily. Expand your awareness. Cultivate a sense of serenity. Increase your energy.

Meditating gradually expands your awareness. Imagine observing your thoughts and feelings from a 3rd person perspective. Meditate regularly to tap into this fascinating experience.

Observe your thoughts and feelings to release these ideas. Boost your energy by letting go the energy-sapping habit of resisting thoughts and feelings.

Find a quiet spot. Relax your body and mind. Follow your breathing. Note thoughts and feelings arising as you follow your breath. Gently return your attention to your breathing.

Start with 5 minute sessions daily. Gradually add 5 to 10 minutes to each meditation every few weeks. Cap your sessions at 30-60 minutes.

Do Yoga

I prefer doing deep yin yoga but trust your intuition on choosing yin or yan yoga.

Yan yoga involves movement. Yin yoga centers on holding static positions.

Yoga opens your body and mind. Opening your body and mind dissolves energy-constricting blocks throughout your being.

Increase your energy with 20 to 60 minutes of yoga daily. Watch YouTube videos for a yoga primer.

Deep yan devotees; do not stretch or bounce. Hold poses and breathe deeply. Allow your muscles and joints to open up a tiny movement at a time.


Spend at least 30 minutes daily exercising.

Walk or jog to increase your circulation and to boost your energy.

Nobody needs to join a gym to exercise. Move your feet. Just check with your doctor before engaging in an exercise regimen.

I walk for 90 minutes daily to remain energized.

Walk for 6-7 days weekly. Feel energized by moving regularly.

Bonus Tip: Sleep

Rest for 7-8 hours nightly to raise your energy.

A shocking number of people feel sluggish due to not getting ample sleep daily. If you sleep poorly at night add a short napping session during day time hours.

Sleep adequately to rest your body and mind. Wake up energized and ready to attack your day.

Cut caffeine for 4-8 hours before sleeping. Establish a bed time ritual to prepare yourself for lala land. Sleep well and wake up refreshed.

Organic Methods Build Your Energy Daily

Forget drinking your 4th cup of coffee for an unnatural, temporary boost. Synthetic sources have clear, distinct limits but natural energy aids make you feel more energized every day.

Increase your energy levels through organic methods to continually vibe higher.

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Ryan Biddulph

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