How to Deal with Overwhelm in a Tech Addicted World

by Ryan Biddulph

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Messenger beckons.

Did you check your text messages?

Email calls.

Living in today's tech addicted world feels overwhelming sometimes.

Enlightened beings are immune from this problem because they choose to not live a worldly life. The rest of us must learn how to deal with overwhelm or fall prey to this insidious addiction.

I chose not to have minutes on my phone to counteract this issue. After working online for nearly 40,000 hours over the past decade I do not need to be online after leaving the house. I am not a doctor or an emergency services worker. I blog.

How can you deal with overwhelm in a tech-addicted world? Follow these tips.

Spend 4-8 Hours Offline Daily

Wow! 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 hours offline? Is this blogger nuts?

I am well *because* I spend 4-8 or more hours offline daily.

Like all addictions, obsession to technology reveals a heavy, fear-based attachment. Weaning yourself off of tech simply dissolves attachment and reduces the obsession, offering you peace of mind.

I spend 90 minutes offline daily doing deep yin yoga. Toss in 90 minutes of brisk power walking daily and I have 3 hours offline simply tending to my mindset and health.

Man doing yoga during sunset

Get offline. Turn off your phone. Stow away your laptop. Spending hours offline dissolves your obsession to being dialed in.

Go on a Tech Fast at Least Once Monthly

Spend 1 day monthly entirely tech-free.

Go offline for the full day.

Remind yourself how the earth still spins despite you being offline for 24 hours.

Technology should enhance your life. Taking a day off from the internet and checking your phone helps you be grateful for tech without obsessing over this convenience.

I followed this advice times 10 a few years ago by spending 6 weeks off the grid in a remote jungle. My wife and I trudged 3 hours into town to check email for 2 hours but spent the rest of the week offline in a Costa Rica forest.

Being in a hut with no electricity, an outhouse and water running via a jungle stream expanded my awareness. I could see my attachment to checking email, writing and publishing posts and needing to be plugged in.

Be tech free for 1 day a month. Or go tech free for an entire week. See how life goes on offline to be less obsessed with the online world.

Follow an Energy Management Ritual

Obsession is attachment. Attachment is fear.

Follow an energy management ritual to expand your awareness. Expanding your awareness allows you to face, embrace, feel and release fears to better handle technology in your life.

Most people are completely ignorant of their deep attachment to technology. Take away their phone and they cry like like a baby who lost its rattle.

Engaging in meditation, deep yin yoga and prayer expands your awareness so you clearly observe and feel tech-driven obsessions.

My internet went down this morning. I quickly observed fears arise within my being related to publishing blog posts and checking my email. Instead of resisting the fear to create a state of panic I calmly found a solution and got back online quickly.

My deep yin yoga awareness expanding sessions daily allow me to create space between my thoughts and feelings. I generally do not bury fears or react to fears; I tend to face, embrace, feel and release fears to promote my peace of mind and to release attachments before these anchors grow into obsessions.

Spend 30-60 minutes managing your energy daily. Work on your mindset to develop a better relationship with technology.


Follow these tips.

Ride out the emotional peaks and valleys of embracing tech-induced obsession.

Feel a sense of peace invade your being as you enjoy the convenience of technology without being overwhelmed by this modern marvel.


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