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Book of The Month: The Storyteller’s Secret by Carmine Gallo

Name virtually any transformational leader, and I will show you someone who uses stories to get their point across. Stories that capture our imagination are the catalyst for change, always have been, and always will be.

When I revised our workout challenge to tackle a growing epidemic that is leaving millions of people stunned from the sudden loss of a husband, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, or friend, I told the story of a close friend who recently passed away from a heart attack. I also told another story of a young lady who wanted to control her weight but didn't know how to go about fixing the problem.

It was a story that resonated with people because most everyone can relate to the death of a close friend or relative from heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, or any of sixty more diseases that are now associated with being overweight or obese. Scientists estimate that one in five deaths are related to the simple fact that we are not taking care of our physical health so most of us have experienced this type of loss. Many could also relate to not knowing how to create lasting healthy habits, which is what we are teaching.

The challenge provides a simple solution to a complex problem. Get healthy yourself using the challenge to lead by example, invite others to do it with you, and together we can solve this problem. It's a transformational story, and while we just got started, many are already enrolled and making that transformation.

Transformational leadership through storytelling is what our personal development book of the month is all about. Join me in reading this one, then come back for a live discussion!

Live Discussion April 9th @ 8PM CST – Click Here to Register!

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Personal Development Book of The Month The Storyteller's Secret

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