Finding your tribe: For people interested in personal development

Finding your tribe: For people interested in personal development

For many years I felt alone in the world. It seemed like no one around me had the same drive to constantly improve, and things that most people enjoy like parties, I do not. It's not that I dislike people, while I am an introvert, I actually enjoy having deep discussions with people. I just don't like the party scene with a bunch of drunk people all making small talk about nothing, that just isn't my idea of fun.

Unfortunately, most people don't want to dive into deep discussions right away. They want some foreplay, to be eased into the discussion. Often it never gets past that point. “Hi, how's it going?” “Great” “How are you?” “Great.”

Sound familiar?

Join Our Personal Development Community

That's part of why I created this personal development community, to find those deeper connections where we can have meaningful discussions about real issues going on in people's lives, or interesting topics like the book of the month. I want it to be normal in our community to skip the small talk and dive into conversations about the messy parts of life that we normally hide from others.

I'm glad to say that I've found my tribe here with each of you who is part of this community. It's nice to see that I'm not alone in wanting to continually improve my life and help improve the lives of others.

I'll admit, some of the conversations still stay at that surface level in our community, and that's cool too. There is a need for some light hearted banter and fun memes to make us laugh sometimes. However, I've had many much deeper conversations with people, talking about things like core values and what is truly going on in their lives. People need an outlet to talk about how to improve their lives that is completely outside their regular circle of friends and isn't open to the general public, that's what we're providing.

We're still getting our brand new member forums and chat up and going, so they are free to try out at the moment. Come check it out by clicking here. Ask the hard questions. Start interesting discussions with like-minded people. Challenge each other to go outside of your comfort zone in our challenges thread. Discuss the book of the month in our book club thread. Discuss your career in the career thread, parenting under parenting, or finances under finances. Make suggestions to improve the community in the suggestions thread. I hope to see you there!

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Don Smith

Don Smith is the founder of The Personal Growth Channel, LLC., and a certified life coach who helps people get results while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Happily married with five children, he lives in Springfield, Illinois. If you would like to work with Don, please click here to visit his coaching page.