Book of the Month – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Ben Holden-Crowther

This month in our personal development book a month challenge, we'll be reading a classic.  Topping the charts for nearly a century, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Ben Holden-Crowther is a timeless study on how you can achieve your goals, financial or otherwise.

Think and Grow Rich is a book you'll want to buy and put in your personal library if you haven't already.  I've read this one many times, and each time I get a little more out of it.  If you have already read it but haven't read it for awhile, your challenge is to read it again!

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Don Smith

Former bank director who enjoys helping people master their finances. Father of five, founder of The Personal Growth Channel, and business owner.

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