Getting back to healthy: Week 7 complete – Exhaustion

by Don Smith

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This week was exhausting, and unfortunately my progress reflected my exhaustion.  After a nice run losing 9lbs in 5 weeks, I didn't gain or lose anything this week.

In case you haven't been following along, you can start this series at Getting back to healthy:  Time to get back to the basics.

I was at a conference in Vegas for work for 3 days, which while they sound exciting to those who haven't done a lot of traveling for work, those conferences are completely exhausting.  My travel days I got about 3 hours of sleep between about midnight and 3AM before having to get up to catch flights, and most of the rest of the time was spent either in the classroom or socializing with other dealers.

I got back home in time to go to work for a day then turn around and drive for another 9+ hours to go to a wedding over the weekend.

Wedding cake, medicine changes, going out to eat just about every day, I'm going to chalk this one up as a win just for not gaining any more weight considering how poorly I managed my diet and exercise program this week.

Time to refocus, hopefully next week I'll have some better news on my journey back to health.  Stay tuned!

Update:  Getting Back to Healthy:  3 Habits that Helped Me Lose 13lbs

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