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We accept well-written articles that help our readers advance their personal and professional goals. Guest post for free or advertise with us to add links and drive traffic to your site. Please make sure to follow the rules below to improve your odds of getting published.

Rules for Posting

What Are the Theme & Quality Requirements?

All content must follow our personal and professional development theme and be helpful to our readers. Readers love personal stories that have a lesson buried in them, so to increase your odds of getting published, try telling a story to make your point. Make sure to check your writing for proper grammar and spelling with a tool such as Grammarly. Articles should be at least 500 words long.

What is the Process for Getting Published?

  1. Request a guest author account using the form at the bottom of this page.
  2. If your article idea is accepted, we'll create a contributor account for you.
  3. Log in and submit your article and future articles using the write button at the top of the page.
  4. Once you hit submit, your article will be reviewed and published if it meets our quality standards.

Can I Include a Link to My Website?

You may include a link to your website in your bio. If you want to include additional links in your article, please ask about advertising options when submitting your article idea. To reduce spam, we do not allow links in regular posts unless they point to supporting information from an authoritative site like a government, university site, or peer-reviewed study.

Where Do I Get Videos and Pictures for My Article?

Adding pictures or videos can convey your message better and break up your copy. DO NOT use Google search to find images as including random photos you see on the web is likely to result in copyright infringement. We recommend using UnsplashPexelsor Pixabay to find free images or choosing from hundreds of our existing photos. You may also include videos from YouTube or Vimeo in your story.

Each article requires a landscape JPG image set as the featured image. The featured image displays behind the title at the top of the post and on thumbnails throughout the site. The "medium" size downloads from the websites mentioned above work well for this. For Pinterest, add a medium-sized portrait image from one of those sites in the social sharing section.

What About Copyright & Editorial Rights?

We respect everyone's work. Please do not submit the same article you or someone else has submitted to other sites. If we find out that you have copied a post from somewhere else, you will get an instant ban and immediate removal of all your blog posts and profile from The Personal Growth Channel. By submitting a post, you give us full editorial rights, including the right to edit for grammar and readability, change pictures, and add or remove links. The ability to edit helps us deal with any DMCA-related issues and keep the quality high for our readers.

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