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People can see the difference

People are telling me they see the difference..which makes me more excited on my weight loss journey!

LeQuita Wilson

Down 30 pounds

I am 30 pounds down since March, hope to lose 15 more. Wish me luck!

Samuel Kloese

Lost another 6lbs!

1st workout of the month done. It was another rough one but I feel great now!!! Lost 6 lbs last month.

Diana Esela

​Saving Lives One Workout at a Time

​​I wonder if there would be more of an outcry if the headlines of our papers read "30,136 people died in yet another massive attack today. That makes 11 million deaths in the last year. The deadly assassin known only by the initials of O.E. remains on the loose."

Those numbers are ​REAL. O.E. is ​one of the most deadly killers currently known to humankind, and it's preventable.​

It's the Obesity Epidemic, and it now exceeds nearly every other preventable cause of death by a wide margin; including starvation. According to reports from Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, ​Science ​Daily, the NIH, and the CDC, scientist estimate that as many as one in five deaths globally or 11 million a year are now related to the obesity epidemic.

​Join me in fighting this as we get healthy together.​

Don Smith, Founder of The Personal Growth Channel

​Don Smith

​Founder, The Personal Growth Channel

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