Download this report to get a list of relatively simple yet highly profitable business ideas. Created by a former bank director after he noticed a pattern between his wealthiest business owners vs. those owners who were struggling, you’re sure to find some ideas for starting your business in this report covering 11 different industries.

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I once visited with a client who owns multiple successful businesses and asked how he came up with business ideas.

His reply changed the way I looked at business forever.

“Just Mow Yards.”

It clicked for me. As I looked at our wealthiest clients, most of them millionaires many times over, I realized they weren't in some crazy business that no one had ever heard of before. Instead, they were just everyday people who decided to start a business and found a profitable niche.

But Not All Businesses Are Profitable!

On the flip side, I also know many struggling business owners.

Working all hours of the day, seven days a week, these owners live paycheck to paycheck, making less than most employees.

That made me wonder why some businesses were successful, and others weren't. This report on some of the most profitable businesses from 11 different industries is what I found. With recurring revenue opportunities and relatively low competition, this list of business ideas is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Industries Covered

  • Business Services
  • Carpentry
  • Entertainment
  • Event/Seasonal Services
  • Home Services
  • Personal Care
  • Real Estate
  • Retail / Hospitality
  • Trades/Construction
  • Training / Coaching / Consulting
  • Vehicle Services

About the Author:

A former bank director, Don Smith owns a thriving technology company and is a proud father of five.

100+ Highly Profitable Business Ideas


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