Mastermind Group Hot Seat Template


It's your turn for your mastermind group's hot seat. Present confidently and make the most of your time with this mastermind group hot seat template.

Provided as a downloadable Microsoft Word file, edit and share with the rest of your group!

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Mastermind groups are a group of peers coming together to give each other advice and feedback. Sometimes known as round-table groups, many mastermind groups use the “hot seat” or “spotlight” format to organize meetings. If you're in the hot seat, all eyes are on you, and the key to getting the most out of your time is proper preparation. Use this mastermind group hot seat template to help facilitate discussion in your group.

This template includes these two key sections to help facilitate discussion:

  • Brainstorming: 10 questions to ask
  • Presenting: Five-step presentation outline

We used and refined this template in our mastermind groups. Provided as a one-page editable word document, edit and distribute this to your group to organize your hot seat presentations like a pro!

Mastermind Group Hot Seat Template


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