Create an LLC Operating Agreement

Create rules for your LLC with this customizable operating agreement. A LLC alone may not protect your personal liability in the event of a claim, so every LLC should also have a signed operating agreement.

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Select your state and answer questions to quickly create your limited liability company's operating agreement.

What Is an LLC Operating Agreement?

An LLC operating agreement is a contract between members and the limited liability company. Once signed, it acts as an official contract binding members to the terms.

Why Do You Need an LLC Operating Agreement?

  • Protect Your Limited Liability Status: Without an operating agreement in place, you may still be held personally liable for claims even though you have an LLC. An operating agreement spells out how the company is allowed to interact with the members.
  • Spell Out Verbal Agreements: You should always have business agreements spelled out in writing. It is easy to forget what was said years after an agreement was reached, a written agreement allows everyone to refer back to the terms in case of a conflict.
  • Protect You From Default Rules: States have default rules that come into play for any LLC without an official operating agreement. Unfortunately, these are very general, so it is highly recommended that you customize these for your unique situation.

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