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Career Coaching: Resume Review

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Are you struggling to land an interview? Maybe it's time to have a professional look at your resume. Submit your draft resume, and we'll create a polished one for you!

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Hi, I'm Don Smith, the guy who will be reviewing and updating your resume. I've reviewed thousands of resumes over the years and hired a lot of people. When I advertise that we have a position open, I often get a large stack of resumes from candidates to review.

Most of those people will never talk to me; they will instead get this lovely letter in the mail.

Dear [name]:

Thank you for your interest in the [position].  We enjoyed having the opportunity to review your application.

While we were most impressed, we have identified another candidate whose background and experience better meet the requirements for this job.

Thank you again for your interest in [company]. We wish you success in your job search.


Don Smith, General Manager

Why do most of those resumes end up being filed away, never to be looked at again?

When I get fifty applications, there are certain checks I do before I waste my time on even a phone interview. Here are a few examples:

  • No more than three jobs in five years (why are they job-hopping?)
  • No significant unexplained gaps in employment (were they in jail or on the couch in their mom's house?)
  • No spelling errors (they aren't detail-oriented enough to run a spell check on a critical document?)

With the service you are purchasing, I will review your resume and tweak it so that it flies past most of these initial checks that employers will be doing. You can't lie on an employment application, but you can present the information in a manner that puts you in the best light, which is what I'll help you do.