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Career Coaching: Mock Interview

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Career Coaching: Mock Interview and Feedback Session Conducted via Zoom Video Conference

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Your heart sinks as you see the letter in your mailbox. You already know what it says. “Thank you for your time; we really enjoyed having you in for an interview. While we were most impressed, we have identified another candidate who better meets the requirements for this position.”

Over the years, I've interviewed hundreds if not thousands of people for various positions in our company. Many times I've wanted to share why someone didn't get hired with them, but in today's sue-happy society, that's a bad idea. That's why you will almost always get a generic rejection letter rather than specifics on where you went wrong when you don't get the job. An interviewer who says something like, “You smelled so bad I could hardly sit in the room with you. I can't believe no one ever told you that you have to take a shower every day!!!” is setting themselves up for a lawsuit.

Schedule this mock interview BEFORE you have your real one. While I can't guarantee that you'll get the job next time you interview, what I will do is give you feedback on what you could have done differently so that your odds are greatly improved. This package is your chance to practice your interviewing skills with a career coach so that you have a better chance of getting the job in your next interview.