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  • 30 Days to a Healthier You: Science-Based Guide to Creating Healthy Habits

30 Days to a Healthier You: Science-Based Guide to Creating Healthy Habits

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A busy father of five, Don Smith struggled with maintaining the balance between staying in shape, spending time with his family, and working. Using the science-based techniques taught in this healthy habits course, he lost thirty pounds and started regularly playing soccer with his kids.

We've designed this course to complement the lifestyle of those who work and have other responsibilities yet want to get and stay in shape. It's not incredibly difficult to get in shape as a teenager, but things get a little more challenging when you're in your 40s with kids. That's where we can help. Complete the daily assignments you'll receive in your inbox over the next thirty days to get in shape and create some new healthy habits!

Healthy Habits Course Objectives:

  • Create healthy routines by completing the activities suggested each day over the next thirty days.
  • Understand what the Nurses' Health Study (NHS), the world's most extensive, longest-running study of health and wellness with over 275,000 participants spanning more than 40 years, says about habits that make the most significant long-term impact on your health.
  • Determine which foods to add to your diet and which to avoid for long-term weight control.
  • Create quick, healthy, and delicious go-to meals so that you know what to eat when you're in a rush.

What You Can Expect:

Get instant access to several healthy cookbooks as well as the latest peer-reviewed diet and physical activity recommendations with your purchase. Over the next thirty days, you will also receive automated emails with activities to help you lose weight and form healthy habits. If you have questions, reply to your email to get personalized recommendations!

Digital Resources Included:

Download these digital resources included with your healthy habits course purchase to kick start your journey!

  • Deliciously Healthy Dinners
  • Deliciously Healthy Family Meals
  • DASH Eating Plan
  • Harvard Study: Weight-Loss Strategy to “Eat Less, Move More” May Be Overly Simplistic
  • The Rogue Weight Loss Coach's Blackbook
  • Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans

About the Author

Don Smith, the creator of the popular 400:4 diet, went from being on the couch to losing 30 pounds and completing three of the most physically challenging events on the planet, half-marathon-long muddy obstacle courses known as Tough Mudders.

Completing these physical challenges wasn't the end of the story, though. A busy father of five, Smith struggled with finding the balance between staying fit and managing other priorities. Eventually, he was able to develop healthy habits that complimented his busy schedule. Today, well into his 40s, he shares how you can transform your life by implementing these simple daily habits.

** DISCLAIMER: Your results may vary. As with any weight loss or exercise program, please check with your physician to ensure you do not have underlying issues that would prevent you from participating. **

30 Days to a Healthier You: Science-Based Guide to Creating Healthy Habits

3 reviews for 30 Days to a Healthier You: Science-Based Guide to Creating Healthy Habits

  1. Karen M. (verified owner)

    Loving it! Touching base on all the topics everyone thinks about but usually doesn’t ever do anything about because it is so overwhelming. To have you just come in and coach us step by step is huge. Lost 10lbs so far!

  2. Jennifer G. (verified owner)

    I haven’t finished the program yet, but the first week has been great. I wanted to lose weight, and have already lost 3 pounds. Had a few questions and got immediate responses to my email, so great communication.

  3. Rajkumar (verified owner)

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