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Why You Can’t Do Anything You Put Your Mind To

“You can do anything you put your mind to.” Ahh, the sweet innocence of optimistic thinking. I love the intent behind that quote; hard work, practice, and dedication make many things possible. There’s just one problem. You CAN’T do anything you put your mind to. Occasionally someone will post a question with a completely unrealistic goal like, “How […]

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Looking to Buy More Books?

I am guessing that most people reading this have a good supply of books. And that every new personal development book that comes out sends you into a tailspin looking round at pre-release sites and asking is it serialised in a magazine, newspaper or website. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? I am […]

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Learn to Enjoy Your Downtime

I’m a pretty active guy. If you ask me how I’ve been, my response is likely to be “busy.” With five kids and two businesses, “busy” is normal. If I am not working, I feel like I’m being “lazy.” And “lazy” is a bad word where I come from, right up there with “worthless.” As in, “There’s that lazy bum, doesn’t […]

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Seasons of Life

My daughter recently posted that she will miss cheer-leading and band as she leaves high school. It’s another sign that she’s coming to the close on this first chapter of her life as she approaches graduation. Yes, You’ll Miss This Yes, Lauren, you’re going to miss this, just like I’m going to miss being at […]

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