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Is It Worth It?

How many times has someone asked you this question in regards to chasing some dream? How many times did you ask yourself that question in regards to following your dream? Is it worth it? My answer: if you plan to be alive, yes. Of course following your dream is worth it. Did you think of […]

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What Friends Need to Go?

Life is a series of comings and goings. People enter our lives. People leave our lives. Friends never seem immune from this basic law of life. My closest blogging buddies bonded with me in 1990 when we were high school sophomores. 30 years later, we still keep in touch and meet up once or more […]

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Fire Some Prospects to Get More Business

I was approached today by a business coaching prospect who wanted me to help her form relationships with international buyers in the agricultural market space. I’m sure I could have done some research and figured it out eventually, but instead, I replied almost immediately, “I’m afraid that’s outside my field of expertise.” “I’m afraid that’s outside my field […]

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