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Personal Development Plans and Pricing

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Welcome to The Personal Growth Channel, a community on a mission to help each other improve our personal and professional lives! Hi, I'm Don Smith, the main guy behind the scenes here. I would love to meet you, and hope to talk with you soon about how we can work together to help each other out!

Don Smith - Founder of The Personal Growth Channel with wife Pamela
Don Smith - founder of TPGC & wife Pamela

What Would You Change in Your Life if You Could?

We asked thousands of people that question, and here are the top 3 responses.
  1. I would like to improve my financial situation so I can _____ (move, travel, not worry, have more freedom, retire, take care of my family,...)
  2. I would like to improve my relationships.
  3. I would like to improve my health (generally lose weight).
While we cover all areas of life, those three common areas of personal development are the primary challenges our community is focused on solving. We've already helped many people improve those areas of life, will you allow us to help you? Will you join us to help others if you're already in good shape in any of these areas?

Why Should You Upgrade to a Full Membership When a Lot of Our Material is Free?

While it's true that a lot of our material is free, some of the most critical pieces like networking with other members in our new discord forums and chat rooms is not. Monthly live webinars, interactive articles where you can ask questions and get answers, access to our real-time personal development chat rooms, behind the scenes looks, and more await you when you sign up for a membership.

Becoming a member also helps fund this community, which allows us to reach more people and invest in more personal development opportunities for you. The more people we can get behind the mission of helping each other grow in our personal and professional lives the more we'll be able to do as a community, which will ultimately help you.

We hope to visit with you soon in our member chat rooms. A free trial is included when you sign up for a free subscription, so if you're wondering if it's worth upgrading, why not try it out?

What People Are Saying About Our Community

"I wanted to thank you for all your advice this last year. I'm my own boss now and feel like I've really leveled up my life!" -LT
"I have used several budgeting programs, and have never managed to keep the budget I set. This was until I found (the system you recommend). Now I have managed to get out of debt (except for the mortgage), save money and even started investing in shares (something I never thought I had enough money to do before)" -David
"From the moment I started reading your page I was intrigued. You are touching base on all the topics everyone thinks about but usually doesn't ever do anything about because you are right it is so overwhelming. To have you just come in and coach us step by step is huge. It’s not even just about the weight loss, it’s much more than that. Your page is more than a weight loss program, it is a life-changing program. I really appreciate you sharing your humbling journey because it gives people like me hope. I don’t have many role models in my life so I’d like to make the best one out of myself and I know it starts with gaining myself back and that’s what you’re giving to people." -Karen
"Man, this article is amazing. It pretty much explains the approach you should use when wanting to buy something. It teaches that if we want something, we should get it, but at the same time, we have to think long term. I admire the way this article changed my mind and scared away the thought that rich people rarely buy what they want." -Emilio
"Dear Mr. Smith, I really enjoyed reading your article, it was very practical and very interesting. Like you I read a lot of success books, and I found in your list insights that I have never read before. I'm sure that your insights will help me to reach my goals rapidly. THANKS A LOT!" -Moshe

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