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Life Coach in Springfield IL | Virtual or in Person Coaching

Athletes know that they need a coach to compete at the highest levels. This is true as well for CEOs, entrepreneurs, small business owners, leaders, executives, business professionals, or anyone attempting to take their life to the next level. A professional life coach can do for your life what coaches do for world-class athletes, provide structure, feedback, and encouragement to help you reach your goals.

I half-jokingly introduced myself to a group once as a life coach that helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals take naps. I say half-jokingly because that's sort of what I do. I teach people how to run a more profitable business and be more productive while learning to let go and live a more well-balanced life.

I also help people going through transitional periods of their life. If your career or business has grown stagnant, you're transitioning to a new role such as becoming a manager, you want to find your passion, or you've gone through a significant change such as a divorce, I may be able to help.

Life Coaching Certification is Nice. Experience Rules.

Hi, I'm Don Smith, founder of The Personal Growth Channel, a popular personal development community. I've held leadership roles for more than twenty years, written hundreds of articles, read thousands of books, created and ran businesses, sat on company boards, and raised five children.

I am a certified life coach, but much more than that, I've been where many of you are. I'm not some twenty-year-old kid that calls himself a coach because he took a few classes. I've lived it. I've made many of the classic mistakes. I've stumbled across many of the solutions. I get it.

By the age of 18, I was married and had racked up more than $30,000 in debt from medical expenses alone. At the time, I was only making $4.25/hr and was on my own for college. I get working around the clock for peanuts and living on peanut butter and jelly while trying to keep the bill collectors happy enough that I don't end up in court. That life is a far cry from where I am today.

I've been significantly overweight, barely able to jog 50 yards without feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. Six months after realizing how far I let myself go, I completed the first of three of the toughest events on the planet, Tough Mudders which are 12-mile (20k) long muddy obstacle course races inspired by the British Special Forces. I get the health thing, being overweight isn't much fun, but that doesn't have to be your reality.

I've created and run a failing business and turned it around into a profitable one. I've worked my way up through the ranks of a company from the ground floor. I've felt the excitement from the possibilities as I hired people. I've felt the pain that only those who have fired someone close to them have felt as I let people go that I had invested hundreds of hours into and developed friendships with. I've watched as former superstars got lazy, developed entitlement complexes, addictions, and crashed and burned. I've watched young people grow into superstars and give me credit for their accomplishments when all I felt like I did was give them a little nudge here and there in the right direction.

I've worked those hundred plus hour weeks, twenty-hour days, and even thirty-six hours straight at times. I've made the classic mistakes. I've stumbled onto many of the solutions. I get it.

I've been through a divorce. I've isolated myself and felt the pain of loneliness. I've experienced the joy that comes from a new start to life and realized how good marriage can be after taking a chance on getting remarried and doing a lot of work to fix what was broken in me. I've rekindled old friendships and created new ones, and learned how to be vulnerable and develop close relationships. I've lost my passion for life. I've rekindled that passion. I've dealt with raising five kids and felt all the ups and downs that come with that, and have to say I'm very proud of all of them.

All that to say I GET IT.

I know what it is like juggling kids, work, and everything that life throws at you. I also know what it takes to find that balance and move to the next level.

I know what it is like to experience the joy and peace that comes with a well-rounded life, and I want to help YOU experience that as well.

Life Coaching Is NOT a Magic Pill

Listen, I'm not a medical doctor or licensed therapist. I am not going to prescribe you some magic pill to fix all your problems or coddle you while you give me some sob story of why you can't do something today because of something that happened to you a decade ago. You're going to need to do the work and be open to changing your mindset if you want to make real changes. Arnold Schwarzenegger put it this way, "There are no shortcuts. Everything is reps, reps, reps."

"There are no shortcuts. Everything is reps, reps, reps." -Arnold Schwarzenegger

What I can do is point you in the right direction and give you feedback and structure just like a good personal trainer does. It's on you to do the work. If your goal is to build muscle, a trainer can tell you what weights to lift, how many reps and sets to do, what to eat, and correct your form, but they can't do the work for you. I can give you feedback and encouragement based on what I know, but you'll have to do the reps. I don't pretend to be the guru on the mountaintop. Each individual situation is a little different, there's no magic pill, no magic ten-step formula, but if you're willing to do the work, to do the reps, I know you'll be happy with the results.

Let's Get Started

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get started? Fill out the application below, and I'll take a look to see if I think I can help. Enroll by the end of the month, and you will automatically be entered in a drawing for a free session!

I look forward to working with you soon!

Investing in Yourself is the Best Thing You Can Do - Warren Buffett: Life Coaching in Springfield, IL

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