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Sponsors, Affiliates, and Gifts


Sponsors? Affiliates? Gifts?

Brace yourself, here's a shocker. Like every major site on the planet today, we occassionally highlight products or services that we have received as gifts, got a discount on, got paid to mention, or that we are getting a percentage of the sale in order to promote. That helps pay for the costs of running this site which are substantial.

Many sites and bloggers out there won't even tell you that they are doing that, but we will.

Our commitment to you is that if it isn't something that we feel would be beneficial to you, we won't put it on the website. Period.

We believe that when our readers get discounts on things they want, our partners get more business, and we are able to stay profitable so that we can keep bringing quality material to our readers, everyone wins.

Make sense?


Here's our privacy policy if you want to read through all the legal crap.
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