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How You Can Help Our Personal Development Community

One of the most frequent questions we get here at The Personal Growth Channel is “How can I help?”

Our mission is to help each other grow in our personal and professional lives. In keeping with that mission, here are a few current areas we need help with.

1. Drive the Conversation

In our forums on Reddit, Facebook, and Discord, please start a conversation! On Twitter, retweet some of our articles and comment on them.

Asking a question about something you need help with is a great way to get those conversations going and show others that it's OK to ask questions at the same time.

Everyone likes feeling like they are helping someone else, and as a side benefit, you may even get some great advice. Let's liven up these forums together!

2. Write an Article

Do you have something to share? Plug into our community by writing an article! All posts must address a personal or professional development topic.

For full details on how to apply for a guest account and rules on posting click here.

3. Coordinate Live Webinars and Events

We're already starting a Toastmasters group and a business owner group. Still, we would also love to have regular live online lunch and learns with speakers on various personal and professional development topics.

If you are highly organized, punctual, and interested in helping coordinate these or you're an expert and willing to volunteer to speak on a specific topic, please reply to one of our newsletters or use our contact us page and let us know.

4. Editors

Are you the type of person who gets an eye twitch when you see poor grammar? Do you have a copy of Grammarly Pro installed and use it religiously?

We're looking for volunteers to help edit articles from our guest authors before final publication, so if this is you, send us a message!

5. Share & Invite Others

Share some posts and invite your friends to join! The more members we have, the more services and more interaction there will be, which ultimately ends up providing more benefit to our existing members.

6. Ideas Welcome!

If you have any other ways you think you may be able to help, just reply to one of our newsletters or use the contact us page.

Thanks for your support, let's keep it going!