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Apply for private coaching with certified Life Coach and Founder of The Personal Growth Channel, Don Smith. The owner of a successful technology company and father of five, Smith has served as a bank director, couples and men's group pastor, on the board of directors for various companies, and holds dozens of certifications.

Smith enjoys mentoring but takes on only a few clients at a time due to his other commitments, so space is very limited. Apply below to start the conversation to see if this could be a good fit for you!

Life Coach Don Smith

Don Smith

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RJ Stratton
RJ Stratton

Former Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy, President RJL Express, Inc.

Don Smith represents all that is good in a mentor. His passion for personal growth and compassion for people shines through in his coaching. If you are looking for a coach that has your best interests at heart...look no further than Don Smith.

Former Bank CEO

Former CEO and Board Member for Illini Bank

I worked with Don on Illini Bank’s Board of Directors. He was a pleasure to work with. The banking industry has many rules and regulations that take a great deal of time to learn and understand. Don was able to grasp the reasons and logic of the regulations quicker than most and unlike most new board members actively participated in board meetings as soon as he became a member.

Pebalz Eslahi
Pebalz Eslahi

Insurance Agent

Don Smith is a phenomenal mentor. He has a tireless passion for service to others, and won't quit until the job is done right