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Melody Hulett, Owner of Pure Haven
​Melody Hulett

​Owner (Client)

"Thank you Don for your guidance and ability to steer me in the proper direction to propel me and my business forward."

(Opened a branch office within six weeks of beginning coaching and recently hired an executive director to help take over daily responsibilities to get her time back)

​Don Smith

​​Executive Coach

​Focus to Achieve Results

​The ​Pareto principle states that 80% of results come from 20% of our actions. Over the last twenty-plus years running multiple businesses, mentoring others, and serving on boards while raising five ​children, I've repeatedly found that to be the case.

​I used to run myself ragged trying to do everything, with limited results. I've worked 36 hours straight without sleep, and 80 hours in four days, barely stopping long enough to pass out. That work ethic got me promoted but held me back once I became a manager and business owner and didn't help my ​personal life either.

Once I started focusing on the right things, my career and business took off, and I got my time back so that I could be there for my family.

​Today I teach my clients the same principles that allow me to run multiple companies, coach others, raise five kids, and still have free time​.

If you are working hard yet not achieving your goals, you are almost certainly wasting your time​ on the wrong things like I was.

Request your free consultation today, and let's work together to make sure you're spending your valuable time on the right things to ​achieve your goals.

​The Pareto Principle: 80% of our ​Results ​Comes ​From 20% of our ​Actions

Executive Coaching - Pareto Principle

​Focus on the Right Things and the Results Will Follow

Who Will Benefit From Executive Coaching?

While many can benefit from executive coaching, my coaching services ​make the most sense for small business owners, managers, and executives. Coaching provides external feedback and ideas to help you and your team advance to the next level. Here are some of the more common goals I help clients achieve.

Small Business Owners​

  • Get Your Time Back
  • Scale Your Business
  • ​Create a Better Work-Life Balance
  • Improve the Bottom Line

Executives & Managers

  • ​Delegate Effectively​
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Improve Customer & Team Satisfaction
  • Create a Better Work-Life Balance
  • Improve the Bottom Line

​How Coaching Works

​I work with clients through a combination of ​regularly scheduled phone or video calls and email. ​​We will identify your goals, create a plan, then I'll be there to provide accountability and feedback​.

How Much Does Executive Coaching Cost?

​Various plans are available depending on your goals and frequency of live sessions. Please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page for a quote.

​Let Me Know Your Goals

I want to make sure I can help you ​achieve your goals​, not only because it's the right thing to do, but because happy customers lead to more business. ​​Let me know your goals ​using the form below and let's chat about your specific scenario to see if working together makes sense.

Make it a wonderful day!

Don Smith, Founder

The Personal Growth Channel, LLC.

About ​Your Coach

​Don Smith ​brings decades of hands-on experience​ to his clients​.​ ​Smith believes in the importance of helping clients get results while leading a well-balanced life which ​leaves room for family, friends, community involvement, physical fitness, and fun. ​Happily married with five children, he knows life can get hectic, and that ​focusing on the right things is key to not only high performance, but a happier and healthier life.

Some career highlights:

  • ​​​Former Bank ​Director
  • ​Former Red Cross Board of Directors Member
  • General ​Manager for an IT company that captured roughly 70% market share in the public safety sector across two states, achieved an unheard of 99.7% customer satisfaction rating, and has been repeatedly named dealer of the year for multiple manufacturers
  • Founder of The Personal Growth Channel LLC.​
  • Named Area Director of the Year for Toastmasters, an international leadership development organization with more than 357,000 members, after his area experienced explosive growth during his term
  • Certified ​Life Coach

​What ​People are Saying

RJ Stratton
​RJ Stratton

​Former Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy, President RJL Express, Inc.

Don Smith is the epitome of what a life coach should be and represents all that is good in a mentor. His passion for personal growth and compassion for people shines through in his coaching. If you are looking for a coach that has your best interests at heart...look no further than Don Smith.


​Director of High School Ministries, West Side Christian Church

Don is committed to seeing others thrive & win - in business, in their communities, and in life. Do yourself a favor & connect with this wealth of wisdom!

Pebalz Eslahi
​Pebalz Eslahi

​Insurance Agent

​Don Smith is a phenomenal mentor and life coach. During our time together in Toastmasters, I've been witness to Don's excellence in leadership, communication, and public service. He has a tireless passion for service to others, and won't quit until the job is done right

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