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Melody Hulett, Owner of Pure Haven
​Melody Hulett


Thank you for your guidance and ability to steer me in the proper direction to propel me and my business forward.

(Opened a branch office within six weeks of beginning coaching and recently hired an executive director to help take over daily responsibilities to get her time back)

​Don Smith

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​Hi, I'm Don Smith, hopefully soon to be your new coach.

​As a career, business, and executive coach, I help people like you find their passion and take their career or business to the next level. I want you to make a lot of money so you can have beautiful things, contribute to charitable causes, and go on exquisite ​vacations with the family​. But running two businesses ​while raising five kids taught me there is a lot more to a happy life than money, so while having more cash is often a pleasant side effect and as a former bank director ​I can certainly help you in that area, that's not my ​primary focus with my clients.​

I want to help you create a life you can be proud of, one that is fulfilling both at work and home, filled with joy and abundance.

​Why do I think I can help you do that? Because it's something I did in my own life, and have helped others achieve​.

Let me share a little of my story.

Early on in my career, I didn't pay as much attention to my personal life as I probably should have. I did go to my kid's practices and games and tried to check off all the boxes to be a good husband and father, but my life consisted of​ work, playing cab driver, sitting around while ​my kids practiced, cleaning up after everyone when I got home ​late in the evening, and sleep​. I'd be grumpy ​by the end of the day as I wasn't happy​, and it took a toll on my marriage, physical, and mental health.

Eventually, I ended up going through a divorce after fifteen years of marriage​. I suddenly found myself an overweight single dad with three little girls at home, diagnosed with depression, and virtually no friends. It wasn't exactly a proud moment for me.

I got some professional help and spent a lot of time researching what goes into creating a happy life back then and started making some changes. ​It was a period of rediscovery for me, of finding the things I enjoy and taking some time to reevaluate what was important in life.

​I backed off at work a little and started taking time for myself. I started taking care of my health, spending time with my kids beyond sitting and watching their practices, developed new friendships, reconnected with my church, took back up some hobbies, and joined ​a few community groups. Eventually, I started dating again, got remarried, inherited two more kids, and have enjoyed many happy years of marriage with a wonderful woman.

Interestingly enough, as I spent ​LESS time at work, I started finding ways to be more efficient and became more productive than ever. I received one promotion after another, and now run the IT company that I joined as a technician, run this ​business on the side, and serve in leadership capacities in many community groups.

Today I regularly have people ask how I do it all. The funny thing is that I feel like my life is less hectic, more productive, and more filled with joy than ever before due to the systems I've put in place for managing everything.

Like those who once helped me, I enjoy helping others discover the joy in life again while leading well and being more productive than ever. I do that by teaching them the same systems that allowed me to find balance in my life and rise through the ranks at work. If you want to be a more effective leader or parent, or wish to take your career or business to the next level while maintaining balance in your life, I want to help.​

​Here are some of the goals I help people achieve.

  • ​Create a personal & professional vision and plan
  • ​Earn respect and get results from ​people you lead​
  • ​Manage your time better as a busy ​manager or business owner
  • Work through transitions such as divorce or loss of a spouse
  • ​Find a fulfilling & financially rewarding career
  • Balance work and family​
  • Plan a business or career transition
  • ​Do more in less time

​Generally speaking, I meet with my clients either once a week or every other week to plan out specific action items to help them meet their goals. Some clients I can help in a couple sessions, others it takes more time.

For example, if you're young and want me to help you find a career path that will get you excited and be financially rewarding before investing years of your life and a hundred thousand dollars or more into college​, that's pretty straightforward​. I have you go through a test which matches your preferences to hundreds of career possibilities, then we compare the requirements, potential rewards, and select a path.

​Others may take more time. If you are thirty years old, make six figures, just went through a divorce, have two kids and a mortgage, and want me to help you change careers because you think that'll make you happy, that is a ​bit more complicated. Here's a hint...the career change may or may not help your situation.

If you're a new manager and trying to figure out ways to get your team behind you, then that might take several months worth of coaching depending on your current level of expertise. It all depends on where you are right now and where you're trying to get to, which is why I have several different coaching packages.

​​If you're not quite sure which package to ​start with, I'd suggest ​sending a message to talk about your specific scenario​ or go with the bronze one which will give you a couple of live sessions to try it out.

I look forward to working with you soon!

Don Smith, Founder

The Personal Growth Channel, LLC.

** DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary​. Coaching is designed to help you achieve your goals and is not a substitute for a medical professional. If you are feeling suicidal, please contact your nearest medical facility immediately. **

About ​Your Coach

​Don Smith ​brings decades of hands-on experience​ to his clients​.​ ​Smith believes in the importance of helping clients get results while leading a well-balanced life which ​leaves room for family, friends, community involvement, physical fitness, and fun. Happily married with five children, he knows life can get hectic, and that balance is key.

Some career highlights:

  • Founder of The Personal Growth Channel LLC.​
  • ​​​Former Bank Director
  • ​Former men's, couples, and youth group pastor​​​
  • General ​Manager for an IT company that captured roughly 70% market share in the public safety sector across two states, achieved a 99.5% customer satisfaction rating, and has been repeatedly named dealer of the year for multiple manufacturers
  • Former Red Cross Board Member
  • Named Area Director of the Year for Toastmasters, an international organization with more than 357,000 members, after his area experienced explosive growth during his term
  • Certified ​Life Coach

​What ​People are Saying

RJ Stratton
​RJ Stratton

​Former Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy, President RJL Express, Inc.

Don Smith is the epitome of what a life coach should be and represents all that is good in a mentor. His passion for personal growth and compassion for people shines through in his coaching. If you are looking for a coach that has your best interests at heart...look no further than Don Smith.


​Director of High School Ministries, West Side Christian Church

Don is committed to seeing others thrive & win - in business, in their communities, and in life. Do yourself a favor & connect with this wealth of wisdom!

Pebalz Eslahi
​Pebalz Eslahi

​Insurance Agent

​Don Smith is a phenomenal mentor and life coach. During our time together in Toastmasters, I've been witness to Don's excellence in leadership, communication, and public service. He has a tireless passion for service to others, and won't quit until the job is done right

​Available P​lans

​Pricing Valid as of November 2019

Evening & Weekend Hours Available

​bronze package

​2 Sessions


  • (2) One hour live sessions via video chat
  • 4 follow up emails (with advice/homework)
  • ​Downloads of various workbooks
​Gold package

12 Weekly or Bi-Weekly Sessions​

​+Unlimited Email Support


  • (​12) One hour live sessions via ​video chat
  • ​6 months of unlimited ​email support. Ask a question and ​receive a response from your coach within 24-48 hours.
  • ​Follow up email(s) after each session
  • ​Downloads of various workbooks

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