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Do You Nudge into Your Deepest Fears?

An interesting Facebook Memory popped up in my main feed. 6 years ago today, I stepped into a cage with three 400 pound tigers in Thailand. This moment was about the most terrifying experience in my life. Each tiger was raised around humans and bonded with their handlers, Well-fed, sleek and satiated, the tigers were […]

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How Flexible Are You?

5 years ago, it was 2:30 AM in Savusavu, Fiji when I got an email from my hosting provider. I needed to delete a specific number of blog posts – over 1000 – or the host would pull the plug on my site permanently, deleting all files. The company already pulled my blog offline to […]

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How to Pick Good Business Partners

I have aligned with good partners over the years through my blog. Picking good business partners is a skill to hone for peace of mind and increased business. Never blindly accept any business opportunity that flows to you via a cold pitch. Let’s start there. Never Agree on a Cold Pitch Mindlessly Entrepreneurs from a […]

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How Do You Handle Abundance?

More than ever, I am experiencing worldly success during my life right now. I have seen some past success but nothing came as easily, freely and generously as it flows to me now. How do I handle it? I am writing my 5th guest post today. I already published 3 posts on my blog today. […]

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