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Protect Your Energy

If the world seems to zig, I zag. No one needs to be enlightened to see the state of the world right now. Most human beings live in fear. Fear-filled people panic. Calm, serene types live in love and peace. Calm, loving, peaceful people remain calm, loving and peaceful no matter what happens because little […]

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How to Thrive in a Negative Environment

I have thrived in a few negative environments in my life. Being around folks who may have not been mentally well at the time, dealing with global panics and facing challenging situations on the road all tested me. Negative environments consume you if you are not careful. Beware; even well-meaning people get so lost in […]

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Do You Respect Success Progression?

10 years ago, I could write 300 words before slamming violently into writer’s block. Today, I write and publish 6 or more 600-700 blog posts daily. I went through a stretch 5 years ago where I wrote and self-published one, 6000 word eBook every single day for a 3 month stretch. Toss in my freelancing […]

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