"The best investment you can make is in yourself." -Warren Buffett, Multi-Billionaire Investor


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Personal Development Real-time Chat Forums in Preview Mode

We are excited to announce that our personal development real-time chat forums are live! Based on the Discord platform which is often used by gamers, this platform brings our community a level of communication rarely seen in the personal development world. You’ll find some unusual chatrooms which you won’t find in other places like #bookclub, […]

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Personal Development Book of The Month: I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi @ramit

Written for a generation who wants to live a rich life yet has little financial education to make that a reality, this book is more of a course in wealth building than just another self-help book. Ramit Sethi’s 6-week personal finance program is specifically written for 20-to-35-year-olds, but anyone struggling with financial issues or who […]

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Personal Development Book of The Month: First Things First by Stephen R. Covey, A. Roger Merrill, and Rebecca R. Merrill (Author)

Most of us have had the experience of feeling like we’re incredibly busy, yet not feeling like we’re getting the important things done. Maybe your career is doing very well, but your personal relationships are struggling. Maybe it’s the opposite, maybe your personal relationships are doing well but your career is struggling. Our personal development […]

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Are Life Coaches Irresponsible For “Pressuring” Someone into Career or Life Coaching?

A few people commented on my recent article “Stop Chasing People” that they appreciated the fact that I didn’t “pressure” the young lady who called me about life coaching into it. They said it would have been irresponsible of me to do that because she might not have been able to afford it. Is It […]

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Life Lessons From Some of the Smartest People in the World

  I asked some of the smartest people in the world the question, “What life lessons have you learned?” Far from the stuffy replies you might expect, replies ranged from funny quotes like “Don’t sweat the petty stuff, it’s much better to pet the sweaty stuff” to the deep and serious. Funny & serious, lighthearted […]

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