"The best investment you can make is in yourself." -Warren Buffett, Multi-Billionaire Investor
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Are You a News Puppet?

How many times have you been a news puppet? The scenario: global headlines shift to a new story. Perhaps a virus. Said virus spreads rapidly. People die. More people get sick. Never mind how most people recover quickly. Fear scares you. The news headline scares you, triggering fears in your being. Being scared, you rush […]

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What Fuels Your Problems?

Fear energy fuels your problems. Problems only exist in minds dominated by fear. Or problems only exist in minds leaning a bit too much toward fear. Fear skews your filter. All is an opportunity to learn from, and to grow from. But feeling fear versus love throws off your power of clear perception. Problems cannot […]

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What Do You Control?

The only control you have in life is control over your inner world. Anyone can control how they perceive situations. We all control our awareness. No human being controls every single thought and feeling, save enlightened souls. Unless the Dalai Lama reads this post, or a scant few others living in the world but not […]

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What Is Your Version of Being Realistic?

I just broadcast a live video walking across Brooklyn Bridge in NYC. Fun times. 8 years ago, I set a realistic intent: travel the globe with my wife while working my blogging business. My definition of “being realistic” differs from most people because I chose a different meaning for “realism”. Why? Well….why not? Have you […]

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Pay Close Attention to People You Envy

I recall horribly envying a highly successful blogger 10 years ago. Dude seemed to have it all. He seemed happy. 6 figure earner, soon to be 7 figure entrepreneur. Pretty wife, big home and super successful online. Doesn’t it feel easy to hate successful people, before you figure out how jealousy works? Pay close attention […]

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