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Don Smith
Don Smith

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Don Smith is a career and leadership coach helping people lead well at home and work. To work with Don, please click here.

Is Stress Good for Us?

Scientists have found that trees grown in an artificial environment with little stress in their lives grow fast, but are extremely weak and prone to falling. Upon further investigation, they found that trees only put out long roots and reinforce themselves under normal stresses such as wind, rain, and the various growing seasons. So could […]

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Books for Personal Development: Finances, Business, Relationships, Skills, and Time Management

Personal growth and development, what’s that really mean? It means continually improving in all aspects of your life. Do you want to improve your relationships? How about your health, finances, skills, or business? These twenty books have improved all of those aspects in my life.  If you read them and put the ideas found there […]

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