Understanding the Assignment: Why You Should Ask More Questions

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Yesterday, my wife asked me if I could drop the dog at the groomer's.

“Probably, what time?”

“10:30 AM tomorrow.”

“No problem, I'll take care of it.”

This morning, I showed up at the groomer's with our dog, happy to have completed the assignment.

“Hi, what are we doing today?”

Oh @!#$. There are questions involved?

“Um…grooming her?”

The lady behind the counter laughed, and started rattling off options that sounded like a foreign language.

“Sure…that sounds good. If you have any more questions, you should probably call my wife.”

*Prays for a good outcome*

Do you ask enough questions to understand the assignment when you're given one?

If you give someone an assignment, do you assume they know how to complete it, or do you offer specific enough instructions to make sure it gets completed the way you want it done?

Because I obviously didn't ask enough questions.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers :).

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