What Different Choices Do You Need to Make Now?

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My wife and I just settled into our new London housesit.

We spent a fun day chatting with the homeowners.

What choice did I make now at nearly 11 PM?

I wrote this guest post.

I love freedom. My wife and I enjoy circling the globe, as we have done for the past 12 years.

Writing content helped me live a life of freedom. Since I love freedom I keep writing.

Do You Desire Freedom? 

Do you prefer to be free of any confining situation in your life?

Make different choices right now.

Perhaps the first different choice to make in mind is not to victimize yourself.

Most of us learn to see ourselves as victims. Believing that you are a victim allows the world to treat you like a victim. The world mirrors your mind back to you.

Do you feel fed up with believing in a victim mentality? Do you feel frustrated by appearing to be mistreated by the world?

Make different choices right now.

Do not hold back.

Move in the opposite direction.

For example, if life seems depressing, moving toward happiness by making happy choices in your mind is the way to let go of depression. Nobody can let go of that depression for you, save you. Nobody can change your mind for you. No one can make you happy.

Note; making happy choices to forgive depression may involve seeking therapy or other forms of help to put your fears behind you.

Only you can achieve happier mental states by making different choices, starting right now.

Change Your Momentum

Perhaps you moved in one direction for much of your life.

Now it is time to change your momentum to move in the opposite direction.

For example, I worked 9-5 jobs for the early part of my adult life. Doing so depressed me because I felt as if I traded my freedom for paychecks.

I built momentum moving towards survival mode up until that point.

Deciding to put depression behind me to be happy involved building momentum by moving toward thriving mode.

Of course, I had to start a blogging business the moment I decided to put survival mode behind me because thriving meant being my own boss. I had to have the freedom to set my own schedule. I also wanted to express myself creatively through my blogging business.

Building momentum in this direction felt uncomfortable at first. Being an entrepreneur felt alien to me because all of my friends and family worked jobs for employers.

I gradually built thriving mode momentum to make freeing decisions instead of making fear-based choices. Choosing to thrive meant leaving survival mode behind me. Leaving survival mode behind me meant not only building my blogging business but circling the globe while I did so.

12 years later, I am a globetrotting blogger.


I made a series of different decisions quite unlike my prior choices to go from security guard to island hopping blogger.

Prepare yourself to make different choices.

Decide to do things for fun versus doing things from a fear of loss.

Choose to be truly helpful for people versus thinking mainly about yourself and your survival.

When life becomes blissful you will have thought mainly about being truly helpful for humanity and very little about yourself and your survival needs.

Making this shift feels uncomfortable at first until you build strong momentum toward freedom based on your intimately personal choices, all made one at a time.

Baby step your way toward freedom.

Do what you can right now.

Surround yourself with people who make bold decisions.

Let go of iffy individuals; you do not need their doubts infesting your mind.

Make different choices right now to move in a more freeing direction.

Life changes far more quickly than you could ever dream of by developing the habit of making quick, definite decisions.

All of your power genuinely hinges on your high energy choices.

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